Choosing the Advanced Hand Dryer for Your Restaurant

Choosing the Advanced Hand Dryer for Your Restaurant

What attracts customers to restaurants is not just appetizing cuisines but also the ambience. A hygienic space results in healthy and happy employees who, in turn, cater to satisfied clientele. 

The amenities provided in your restaurant can either draw diners in or chase them out the fastest. Concentrate on the more aesthetic aspects, and you will stand to gain in the long run. 

Instead of providing paper towels for your patrons to dry their hands, opt for a faster eco-friendly route. Installing an Excel hand dryer in each washroom enables you as a restaurant owner to massively save on energy. Thanks to the advancements in technology, hand dryers today silently go about their business, thus offering your customers flawless user experience.

The restrooms provided in your restaurant usually witness a steady flow of clientele coming in and out. It becomes that much more critical to offer facilities therein that minimize the touching of germ prone surfaces. For your restaurant, it is recommended you choose an advanced compact Excel hand dryer that activates automatically as they: 

Promote Hygiene 

Shared restrooms are more exposed to germs than private ones, and maintaining the utmost level of hygiene is paramount for restaurants. Automatic hand dryers rule out the scope of transmitting bacteria from one person to another. Such dryers switch on and off without you having to operate them manually. The minimal the touch, the better the standard of hygiene maintained.

Conserve Energy

Advanced air technology hand dryers are so designed that they prevent wastage of energy. Such dryers stay on only while in use and automatically switch off in the absence of hands under it. Subdued heating of the air that blows out results in better energy consumption. 

Benefit the Environment

Make a positive difference to your environment and go green by investing in hand dryers for your restaurant. Paper towels are far from eco-friendly, given their production and disposal after usage only results in wastage that is detrimental to the environment. 

Operate At High Powered Speeds

Customers demand practical solutions and quality facilities at the end of the day. A hand dryer housed in a commercial establishment must serve its purpose without wasting precious time. High powered dryers work their magic faster and dry your hands sooner than expected. Such speed results in lower energy costs and higher savings for your restaurant.

Occupy Minimal Space 

Excel hand dryers make optimum utilization of the available space. They are the ideal choice when there are laid down guidelines to comply with and other constraints. 

Since they protrude within feasible limits and can be installed at convenient heights, there is no question of inconveniencing your clientele. All these aspects make it easier for you to conform to rules set exclusively for business establishments without hampering free movement.

Besides, these hand dryers come in sleek designs and are fuss free when it comes to maintaining them. To make a lasting impression, provide the necessary comforts to your patrons without compromising on the hygiene of your restaurant. It pays to keep the health and safety of your staff and clientele uppermost in mind.

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