Champagne Diamonds 101

Champagne Diamonds 101

We all know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend and these amazing creations of nature have long been prized by the rich and wealthy. Diamonds are graded using the 4C system; a stone is graded according to:

  • Colour
  • Clarity
  • Cut
  • Carat 

Each diamond would be issued a certificate by the Gem Institute of America or similar organisation, which verifies its properties.

Earthly Connection

Traditionally, champagne coloured diamonds are believed to have a connection with the Earth and Mother Nature and this is seen in many cultures around the world. While colourless diamonds are attractive, these stones actually come in many colours, even black. The colour is cause by inclusions and other elements found within the diamond. Champagne is a brownish-yellow colour and these diamonds are certainly affordable.


Champagne diamonds are said to represent faithfulness and loyalty, which are important attributes in a relationship and this is one reason that champagne diamonds are popular with wedding rings. Talk to a custom jeweller, such as one who creates unique wedding rings in Sydney or anywhere else in the world where you are located. They would have no problems designing a ring to the client’s specifications, and they have access to loose champagne diamonds at trade prices.

Symbol Of Order & Clarity

Champagne diamonds are regarded as a symbol of order and clarity, which are both important aspects in a romantic relationship, and this belief is thought to have originated in 18th century France. If you would like to discuss diamond wedding ring designs with a leading custom jeweller, search with Google for ‘custom wedding ring solutions.’ 


The presence of nitrogen atoms causes the diamond to have a brown-yellowish hue and for the best selection of champagne stones, talk to a leading custom jeweller, as they have access to wholesale stones at trade prices. It is best to take your time when looking at diamonds for a wedding ring. There is no rush. With the jeweller as your guide, you will find the perfect stones for your wedding ring.

Champagne Diamond Wedding Ring

For many women, their wedding ring is a very special symbol; choosing champagne diamonds with a custom jeweller with a view to creating the ring is the key to stone selection. The first thing to do when you talk to a custom jeweller is decide your budget, this helps the jeweller with stone selection. If you were thinking that bespoke jewellery is above your reach, think again because having a diamond ring made doesn’t cost as much as some people think.

Online Solutions

The easiest way to find a custom jeweller is with a Google search. Check out their website, which would be full of information to help you. The skilled artist can make you feel at home, helping you to make the right choices over diamond selection, cut, setting and metal. Once the design is set, the work can begin and when you walk down the aisle, you will be wearing a stunning champagne diamond wedding ring.

If you are looking to acquire top quality champagne diamonds for a special wedding ring, you are advised to seek out a custom jeweller, as this is the person that moves in wholesale diamond circles and can secure you the best possible deal.

Rohit Raina
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    Champagne Diamonds are now trendy due to its finest sparkling reaction through the anatomies. Champagne Diamonds have a C4-C7 color grade. Thanks for writing this. Find some more champagne cut diamonds and fancy cut diamonds on

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    Love the romantic symbolism behind champagne diamonds! Their warm, earthy tones and connection to loyalty and clarity sound perfect for a wedding ring.

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