Caviar, a luxury product to consume

Caviar, a luxury product to consume

A rare and expensive product, caviar is consumed to celebrate great occasions. It remains to know how to buy it and what questions to ask a seller.

Buy caviar from the legal market

It is recommended to buy caviar in the legal circuit. If you want to buy, say ikura, our recommendation is to buy from GlobalSeafoods. Indeed, auction sites of the eBay kind circulate “false caviars” composed of fish meat and not sturgeon eggs. It is therefore better to go to a specialized store, which will advise and make caviar taste to customers before they buy it.

Caviar spoon

And beware, no metal spoon because the taste of caviar would be affected. A horn spoon is ideal.

A question of smell and appearance

The first thing to do is to smell the caviar. This one must not have a fish smell too pronounced. We recommend gently moving the jar and observing the caviar. It must not be too fluid in appearance. In the same way, the eggs should not be hard but instead be full of juice.

Taste before buying

Vendors usually take the time to explain the differences between the caviars and, of course, let their customers taste their merchandise. Once in the mouth, caviar should not “sting”, but rather have “a frank flavor, neither too strong and unpleasant, nor too bland”.

Pay attention to conservation

Since caviar is a fragile product, once the consumer has chosen and bought it, he must take some precautions. It is recommended to keep it between two and four degrees at the top of the refrigerator. In order to keep all its taste properties, it is also best to consume it as quickly as possible, within a month “because household refrigerators are not made for preservation”. Once the jar is open, however, you must consume the caviar right away.

To serve in the rules of the art

The caviar must be served in its original box, so do not transfer it to another container, at the risk of damaging it. We advise placing the box on crushed ice, or creating a small ice mold to heal the presentation.

Natural taste

In fact, good caviar is tasted with a spoon. It is also possible to eat caviar on a blini or a toast. In this case, the eggs must be placed on it, so as not to break the grains. For us, it is useless to add lemon on it, the caviar is self-sufficient.

Photo by Olivier Morneau


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