Casually Sleek: Fashion Tips For Men

Casually Sleek: Fashion Tips For Men

Looking casual doesn’t mean sacrificing style. Even with the most casual fashion pieces, you can still look sharp for different occasions. You also have more fashion pieces to work with when it comes to creating casual looks that work for you, especially with the 2019 trends being more casual to begin with.

Some items work better than the others. Certain casual looks also flatter you more. Worry not, because we have the best tips and tricks for when you want to look casually sleek.

Break Out Your Light Wash Denim

Denim is a timeless fabric that works for casual looks, but this year is definitely the year of lighter denim. Sure, you can still wear your dark wash jeans and mix them with your favorite T-shirts, but the way to go for that sleek and trendy look is light wash denim.

Lighter jeans are easy to pair with everything. A white shirt and a pair of suede boots makes a great look for casual day-outs and semi-format events. You can go to a creative meeting and transition to a night out with friends when you have light wash denim in your fashion arsenal.

It is also easy to pair this shade of denim with darker colors, so the navy sweater you have in your closet or the classic black Saint Laurent T-shirt you love to wear will work really well with a lighter pair of jeans. Adding accessories to the mix is just as easy.

Time for Simple Watches

simple watch fashion tips for men

You can’t separate men’s fashion with watches as one of the main accessories. A watch is powerful enough to turn a casual look into a sleek one. All you need is the right watch to wear for the occasion, and there are a few options to consider.

An aviator watch or a military one is perfect for casual day-outs, especially when paired with fashion pieces like jeans and shirts. They feature simple watch faces with clear dials, so you know the watch you wear will be both sleek and functional.

Smartwatches work really well too, but a dress watch worn to semi-formal occasions never hurts. You don’t have to invest in expensive watches either. The classic Seiko 5 or an Orient Bambino are the kind of accessories you need to have for a sleeker casual look. You can find these and other kinds of watches on

Long use and contact with sweat and dirt can make your timepieces look old and shabby. This is especially true for leather watches and nonmetal watches. You can clean regularly and avoid getting moisture on it, but the effects of time will show in a year or so. Fortunately, you can easily get replacement leather watch straps or other bands to keep your timepieces looking good as new.

Don’t Forget the Shoes

Forget about wearing sneakers regardless of the outfit you wear. I’m not saying you should abandon sneakers altogether; I’m just saying that you can wear boots or even sandals to create different looks depending on the kind of day you are having.

Suede boots, for example, pair well with simple shirts and khakis or jeans. You get that sense of sophistication without sacrificing the casual nature of the entire look. You can go for a pair of leather, formal shoes with floral shirt and lighter pants to take it up a notch.

Some leather boots work too, but you have to be bolder with the fashion pieces you wear. My personal favorite is the Leather Wyatt Harness Boots in black. The design is by Saint Laurent, but you know that Saint Laurent is a brand worth investing in. There is even a matching Saint Laurent bag on SSENSE if you want to go the one-brand route.

Patterns and Colors

Since we’re talking about casual looks, it is okay to take risks with colors and patterns. Plaid pants are the easiest way to go if you want to be bolder with the use of colors and patterns. Going the mismatched color and pattern look is also recommended; it is a bold year after all.

While exploring patterns and colors, make sure you balance it out with simpler accessories. This is where a good leather messenger bag, the classic watches we discussed earlier, and scarfs that you can mix and match with the look you are trying to pull off come in handy.

Even when you want a simpler look, you can still play with softer colors. Use the light wash jeans with a pastel blue (or even a light brown) T-shirt and add a pair of sneakers to complete the look. Speaking of sneakers….

Limited Items

As mentioned before, sneakers still work with certain casual looks. The right pair can take the combination of jeans and T-shirt to the next level. To take a step further, however, you want to invest in a pair of limited-edition sneakers.

They are not only easy to find, but also offer more street cred than regular sneakers. Don’t be surprised when others recognize the sneakers you wear and commend you for your choice. Even better, they are among the most comfortable shoes to wear, making them perfect for outdoor activities.

Follow these tips and you can look sharp and sleek while remaining casual. Don’t forget to add the right accessories to complete the look.  

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