Camping Essentials And Safety Tips

Camping Essentials And Safety Tips

Camping is a lifetime experience; one gets very excited to go for bright camping as it helps rejuvenate and adds an invaluable experience. However, when going camping, you should always be more than careful about what stuff you need to carry along and what safety precautions you have to take.

Your destination for camping could be on the mountains after a great trek or on the beach; irrespective of the place, you will find the following tips useful. 

If you have never thought of going brightcamping, it is suggested you should do it now because spending time with nature helps your mind and body relax. If it makes you better, then yes, camping can help stop over thinking part of your brain and ascertain peace for yourself. Read on to find the camping essentials and safety tips for your much-awaited camping. 


Medical Supplies

A bright day camping or a night stay camping with a bonfire, friends, and nature sounds amazing and should not be hampered because of the lack of basic medical supplies. Carry a small packet or box that has painkillers, bandages, emergency pain relief spray, and nausea related medicine to get control of any medical emergency that may occur to you or anyone. 

Rainproof jacket

A rainproof jacket will negate the extra burden of carrying an umbrella and will also serve the purpose of keeping you warm as well as dry. These are lightweight jackets that you can easily pack instead of carrying heavy warmers and umbrellas. When buying a new rainproof jacket, always look for extra pockets, bigger hood so that you can keep your essentials such as your phone, earphones safe from the rain. 

Torch/ emergency light

It might sound a little naive, but yes, torch and emergency light are essential, you will know. If you have to trek up to the campsite, and in case it gets dark, you can use the torch as a source of light. If in case the bonfire does not go as planned, Emergency lights come to the rescue. 


Most camping sites nowadays have proper washrooms; however, it is important to carry your toiletries like soap, shampoo, toothbrush, and toothpaste if you are planning a camp in remote areas. You do not have to carry a load of them but can use DIY tricks to make these handy enough so they can together fit in a small container and take up less space in your camping bag. 

Waterproof Camping bag

Your camping bag has to be body-friendly with a good capacity for you to put in your essentials like a body cover, a pair of clothing, a medical box, and anything else that you might need. If you have to trek, the body-friendly bag helps in easy movement and puts less weight on the back.  

Safety tips

Plan safe Physical activities

It is a good time to do physical activities when camping with friends and family; however, always remember to keep the activities safe for everyone. If the activities involve risk, ensure that everyone wears the required protective gear such as a life jacket, shoes, helmet, etc. Please ensure to keep away from the poisonous plants whenever you are trekking up or down as they may cause injuries and allergies that could be hard to handle in the absence of proper medics. 

Bonfire safety practice

No matter what age group you are going with, always make sure to have a safety drill beforehand to make everyone aware of what could be done in emergencies like fire breakout. Ensure that all of you stay together while trekking and do not wander too far into the area without any professional help; it could be dangerous. Ensure to be aware of every safety tip, like using mud to control the fire and not using any scented sprays or sanitizers near the fire. 

Prevent bug bites

A bug is nothing but a small insect; however, you never know which one is evil and dangerous for you, protecting yourself from the bug bites when camping. Use a bug repellent that has DEET in it for added safety. Wear full sleeves and pants to keep the bugs away, but still check for any ticks, bugs that might have stuck to your skin and remove them immediately. Carry salt to get rid of snails, earthworms, leeches, or any bloodsucking insect on the camping.

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