Calling the Fashion Police: Are You Guilty of Committing These 5 Biggest Fashion Crimes?

Calling the Fashion Police: Are You Guilty of Committing These 5 Biggest Fashion Crimes?

Everybody makes a clothing purchase they come to regret at one time or another. Don’t let this hold you back from shopping for new clothes. Most people find they didn’t look horrible in the pieces they came to regret, but certain items should never have been shared with retailers much less the general public. The following are a few of these items.

Low-Waist Trousers

The Kardashian girls are known for their fashion sense but even they find there are certain looks they can’t pull off. Low-waist trousers are a good example of this. High-waisted jeans are always a better option, as they cover the stomach and make the legs look longer at the same time. Every person would like to have longer legs, so be sure to take advantage of this fashion trend whenever possible. Visit boutiques near me to see the many high-waisted pant options available today.

Velour Tracksuits

Simply because velour tracksuits were once considered fashionable doesn’t mean they are today. Don’t dig in the attic to find your old clothing so you can be stylish once again. When Paris Hilton brought them back during the last decade, quite a few rushed out to purchase them. This is one item that should never be in any person’s closet, regardless of their age or place in society. Get rid of any velour tracksuits today and purchase more stylish clothing. You won’t regret doing so.

Platform Crocs

Men, women, and kids alike love their Crocs during the summer and often throughout the year. They are easy to slip on, comfortable to wear for long hours and go with a variety of outfits. However, Crocs decided to team up with Balenciaga to create platform shoes, and some stores even sold out of these items. Anyone who owns a pair should dispose of them immediately and rethink their entire fashion sense. Crocs and platform shoes simply do not go together, regardless of what one is wearing.

Jeans with Little Fabric

Jeans with holes in them have been popular for a number of years, but certain designers have decided to take this trend to the extreme. They now offer jeans with less fabric than holes and refer to them as extreme cut-out jeans. Why spend a fortune on something that isn’t even there? It’s like the emperor with his new clothes. There’s actually nothing to them, and the pockets are easily visible as they are so threadbare. Ditch these jeans and buy a pair with some fabric included.

Man Rompers

Few women can pull off wearing a romper. Put this item on a man and ensure family and friends will never speak to you again. Most people have never seen a man in a romper. For those who have, this is a sight they will never forget no matter how much they wish they could. Leave these for the younger females in the family who have the body to pull this look off with ease.

Don’t hesitate to update your wardrobe. Although everyone makes bad choices when it comes to their apparel, this doesn’t mean every item was a mistake. Only a few items are actually crimes against fashion. Chances are you don’t have any of these items so you can shop with confidence and feel easy every time you go out in public. If you have made one or more of these mistakes, it’s time to try again. You can look and feel good. It’s simply a matter of knowing what works for you.  


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