Calling All Cool Parents: 5 Teen Party Ideas Your Kids Won’t Hate

Calling All Cool Parents: 5 Teen Party Ideas Your Kids Won’t Hate

Even in the days before the tech takeover, hosting a teenager’s birthday party was difficult enough.  

Nowadays, it may seem near impossible to throw a memorable teen party. Especially when you’ve got the vibrant world of virtual reality, e-sports, and social media to compete with.

Turns out that 54% of teens agree that they spend too much time glued to a screen.

Well, it turns out you can give them the break that they secretly crave with these teen party ideas that are better than their virtual adventures.

1. Poolside Parties

Never underestimate the power of a pool party. Teenage girls love showing off their latest swimsuits and the opportunities for impromptu fun are endless.

You can provide mocktails for poolside sipping, lay out some snacks or bang some burgers on the barbeque for party food.

Some of the best ways to keep them entertained include volleyball in and out the water, lilos, and races.

2. Other Outdoor Teen Party Ideas

If the weather doesn’t seem like it’s going to play along, you can opt for a range of other outdoor attractions.

Rain or shine, laser tag, and arrow tag are popular options, especially for boys with a competitive streak.

Rolling with their friends during a game of bubble ball soccer is a good way for them to burn off the stresses of life as a 21st-century teenager.  

3. Mind Games

The latest greatest teen birthday party idea for teenagers are those that bring a little grey matter to the mix.

Book an Escape Room venue for the day and let their creative juices run wild getting out of safe and surmountable jams for a while.

If you like you can host a scavenger hunt with a teen twist by involving their mobile phones in the deal.

Arrange a serious of selfie-challenges with a prize for the team that records the most challenges completed in a specified time.

Ideas include a picture of the greenest neighborhood lawn, a snapshot of a certain-colored dog, or an image of the team posing in a nearby park.   

4. A Luxury Sleepover

There are so many ways to add extra fun to a good old pajama party.

Some birthday party ideas for teens include beauty treatments for the girls, and a camp out for the boys.

If you really want to spoil your teen for their birthday, book them and their guests into a local hotel for the night.

5. Dancing and a Movie

You’re just a couple of lights, an outdoor screen, and a dance area away from recreating a safe and supervised night on the town for your teen.

Popcorn, pizza and other simple snacks are the perfect matches for these kinds of teenage birthday party ideas.

You don’t need a DJ, YouTube and Spotify have got your back when it comes to creating a playlist for teen birthday parties.

Get More Great Ideas

For more toddler, tween, and teen party ideas keep reading my blog.

You’ll find plenty of inspiration when it comes to budgeting for parties, hosting special occasions and more.

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