Burma Burma, Saket – For Burmese Cuisine of Pure Grade

Burma Burma, Saket – For Burmese Cuisine of Pure Grade

Most good things are almost always found while wandering the unknown terrains of hills, beaches, and sometimes malls. One such gem that lay undiscovered until now, away from exploratory eyes of mine and hubby, is Burma Burma, Select City Saket. It is neither our usual way to watch a movie without customarily scouting reviews on IMDb, nor to our usual liking to try restaurants without doing a quick online research. Call it fate (a long waiting line at our favorite Mamagoto) or terrible hunger pangs, we ended up at Burma Burma.


Hurriedly we scanned the menu. ‘Soups look good, I am sorted’ – I said. ‘Do they serve alcohol’ – hubby asked. ‘No sir, we don’t serve alcohol here’.

So we had to take a call. And we contemplated for a good ten minutes before we gave a nod to the pure vegetarian, alcohol-free experience. We could reserve the wine for the evening.

Entering Burma Burma a fresh lavender like aroma welcomed us. If happiness is based on feeling happy sensations, then the spa like environ gave us our first dose. Unlike most places abuzz with people chattering, this one was quite, calm, and meditative. Everyone was focussed on their own plates. Food took the center stage.

Me and hubby were happily surprised. But we were clueless too about the dishes on the menu. Though I’d made an instant selection from the soup section, I could do with a little bit of help for the main course (not from the hubby) The chef was polite enough to answer my queries and polite enough to tell me what would be a better choice instead.

What we ordered

For Soup – Spicy, savory, with the right amount of crunch – Samuza Hincho. Though the chef recommended that we go for something lighter on spices, I had made my choice.

Samuza Hincho

For Main Course – Perils of going for an exotic cuisine – can’t always recall the exact names of the dish. The description on the menu read aubergine curry with vegetables cooked in mild spices. We ordered this with burmese fried rice – delicious enough to be eaten even without curry. The combo was filling for two. I give the dish a good 3.5 on 5 for taste, presentation, and quantity.

What we loved

The decor, the peaceful ambience, and the courteous service. Food, undoubtedly, was yumm. Brownie points for the lovely fragrance that greeted us just as we got through the gate.

Will we go back to Burma Burma – Damn straight, yes!

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