Boost Product Sales through Stand up Pouch Packaging

Boost Product Sales through Stand up Pouch Packaging

Recently, there has been a huge migration of industries in terms of the packaging of their products. Lots of industries are already using custom stand up pouches and are now minimizing the use of rigid packaging that is previously being used.

The use of stand up pouches has become more beneficial to many businesses when it comes to increasing product sales and has also enhanced the promotion of their products and also with new product branding. Thus, most of the business owners now are striving to obtain minimum production cost while being able to enjoy maximized product revenues.

It is important to have a variety with your product because this gives customers a wide variety of option. Spicing up your product packaging might be the key for your business to attain its much-needed breakthrough if not increase your market share even more. A continuous re-imagination of product packaging is very important.

One way of spicing up your product packing is by choosing to use custom stand up pouches. This stand-up pouch offers a more creative, effective, protective and of course, convenient mechanism to convey your products from the store shelf to your customer’s home shelf.

These stand up pouches are manufactured by getting several layers of film and then laminating them altogether. It is known for a fact that stand up pouches are more stimulating to take a look at as compared to another standard packaging. This is because stand up pouches offers an entire space printed with how you want your product looks like. Although, there are others who choose to have a clear stand-up pouch and employing a minimal amount of graphics. Whichever you may want your product to look like, this will ultimately depend on how you want your product and your brand to impact your existing and prospective customers.

In considering the design of your stand up pouches, there are of course a lot of factors that you will have to weigh in that will eventually influence the customer’s buying decisions. So, the first one that will come into play is the typography. This typography is the art of making written words to look more appealing and attractive. This can be accomplished by choosing the right fonts that are both nice to look at and at the same time readable. It no longer serves the purpose if you have fonts which are very cursive making it hard for the customers to read your brand in an instant. Thus, typography plays a very large role when it comes to branding and product packaging design. Try to choose to employ fonts which are interesting in a way that such font will draw the eyes of every customer when they are passing by your product’s shelf. This will help encourage such customer to take an ample amount of time in considering to buy your product.

Then, you should be able to connect to your customers with the color choices of your packaging. The use of colors gives an impression on the human brain and the emotions for a long time already. Thus, it is not surprising that the color wheel has a science behind how it came to be. Hence, the colors that you employ on your custom stand up pouches can influence your customers in many ways.

When you are using the color red, this might catch customer’s attention, but there are experts who claim that the color red can trigger a cautionary response which might turn your customer’s back away from your product.

With the color black, this gives a sense of sophistication that can make your product appear to be more expensive even though it really is not.

The color blue, on the other hand, has a connection to feelings of trust and integrity. It is also suggested that the use of the color blue can boost customer loyalty.

If you are trying to reach to customers who are eco-conscious, then you might want to choose the color green to easily reach out to customers with this kind of mindset.

The color orange, on the other hand, is associated with a sense of fairness and affordability. Thus if you want to expand your market to the mass, then this can be the best color for your product.

The color yellow is a signification of energy. Yellow is also suggested to be a stimulus to appetite.

You may want to have your product to use a single color or a blend of the other colors. This will all boil down on what message you want to convey to your present customers, and what your brand can offer to prospective customers. So, whatever color you may want to use, you must be sure that you remain consistent with the purposes of branding. By this way, the customers will always recognize that such specific colors that you use on your custom stand up pouches are connected with your brand.

There are packaging statistics that make a customer think twice, thus there really is a lot to learn from your customers in terms of how product packaging can really impact their buying decisions.

The following statistics below are some points which might want you to re-think on your current packing style:

• There is approximately 52% of consumers that will tend to buy from a company again if the products are being contained in a high-quality packaging material.

• There is approximately 40% of consumers that tend to share photos of product packaging especially if the packaging tends to look like a gift.

• The brand of the product also contributes to 30% in the customer’s interest especially when the company is using attractive packaging designs.

Summing all of these together, it is really a fact that how your product looks like is very crucial especially when you want your sales to boost if not maintain its current level. With the presentation in a custom stand up pouch, this will provide a unique customer experience while offering convenience at the same time.

Of course, it is difficult to hit all of those customer preferences, but at least, being able to meet the majority of their preferences can give a huge impact to your product and business.

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