The Bonding

The Bonding

Standing at a hill side

My eyes met the horizon

A beautiful illusion

That drew a line but never came in between

The sky and earth had set their limits

Still they looked inseparable


Ever so lightly

From the beginning of time

The sun-lit sky

Or the moon-kissed one

Has caressed the land

In grim and in green

Ever so charmingly

The skies have swept its many meadows off their feet

In return the Earth dances to beats

Jives and swerves in the skies

Like the glory of a universe

Living in bliss totally engrosses and engulfed

In the enormous expanse

Of a Sky that never touches but shields her in his embrace


They live a life gazing at each other

Knowing they won’t be together

And that they can’t be without each other

Such love I ask for

I ask you to be my sky

I’ll be your earth forever..

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