Big Deal Out of a Tiny Bikini

Big Deal Out of a Tiny Bikini

I’d read a quote with humor in its best form. Apparently, it was on one of the most talked about controversial yet sizzling outfit – an itsy bitsy bikini. It said “ How to get a bikini body. Simple! Put a bikini on your body!” Apparently..that’s the coolest attitude you could ever wear to the beach.

And then, after a few glances at your stomach falling over your thighs, everyone would wish to forget the horror of the sight that they just experienced. That’s a common case in India – wearing a bikini at the cost of your public image.

In some evolved parts of the world where a bikini is just an essential swimwear, a two-piece is just that. In certain parts however, the appeal of a bikini has a direct correlation to the body shape of the wearer.

It leaves a lot of scope for ogling. Oh really? Then you’d rather wrap yourself in a bed sheet and take it off only when you’ve safely reached the most deepest spot of the pool, where its difficult for passer-by-swimmers to figure out your body type and hence. Seriously? Cheapos :/

It’s the thing that lanky long legged lasses wear in the grandiose beauty contests. Girls, if you keep thinking that way, you’ll never be able to know what a bikini is really all about. Of course, one size doesn’t fit all. Make a clever choice but don’t be foolish to ignore ( only to regret it latter) a bikini experience.

It featured on the magazine covers. It’s a good thing, isn’t it? But the only wrong thing about featuring a model in a two-piece on mag covers is that they stereotype the image of the couture. Big deal if a lass is pear shaped not hourglass sleek. She wants her bikini days too.

It is a couture difficult to find for people who aren’t the regular size – a fact that is sufficient in itself to highlight the kind of image that bikini crafters have created for it.


Some girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice. Others, like me, are red haired, raw, and quite plus sized. Read my work on food and fashion on this blog.

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