Best Running Pack

Best Running Pack

Going out for a run rarely is an enjoyable task. Especially once it becomes over 80 degrees or under 30 degrees. Adding hydration and a good playlist to your jog around town will decrease the pain your lungs will endure during your workout hour. Therefore in 1988 the first hydration pack was developed. Since then, running packs have morphed into a product that almost every runner has in their arsenal of gear. Running vest and hydration packs come in all shapes and sizes. Usually, you can get away with purchasing the one that, “feels right,” but often runners are unaware of the product innovations that exist on the market.

If you are someone that needs a new vest to strap on when jogging at the local track, you are in luck. In this post we are going to break down the best running packs for you to take for a test run. 

The RaveRunner® X/RIG Running Pack

We coined this as the best running pack strictly for its comfort, but there is much more to highlight about this running chest pack. The design of a chest mounted running pack is relatively new, but do not sleep on this. We can foresee people saying this is a trendy look, but trend setters are often just the people who are ahead of the curve. 


This running chest pack was made with anti-chafe neoprene, smooth nylon webbing, and non-abrasive nylon straps. All of this material is of high quality and will not irritate your skin like your current pack may be doing. The other concern that some had with this pack is the bouncing of products while running. Once you adjust the pack correctly, it wont even feel like anything is there. 

High Visibility

This chest bag has 3M reflective ink on the back of it. When cars are driving behind you, the logo on the back panel illuminates and shines into the eyes of the driver. This is perfect for individuals that like to exercise after work. 


It may be hard to see in the photos, but this chest utility pack comes equipped with a 17oz soft flask to place water (or wine) in for your next outdoor adventure. This flask is easy to clean, and it is the perfect size for short runs, or hikes. Adding this to your running pack will undoubtedly enhance your running experience.

The RaveRunner® Hydration Pack

While this hydration pack wasn’t built specifically for running, people are catching on that it is one of the all-around best hydration packs. Since it hit the streets in the summer of 2019, the RaveRunner has been coined as the best festival hydration pack. From the sleek design and ease of use, we had to put this at number 2 on our list of best running packs.


The RaveRunner Hydration Pack is perfect. Not too big, and certainly not too small. Its V-like shape minimizes contact with your back, so it keeps you cool during the hot summer days. This size also makes it suitable for longer runs since you can shove an entire change of clothes in the main pocket and food in the shoulder straps which makes it a great backpack with chest pockets.


There are so many innovative features shoved into this hydration pack. The RaveRunner is fully equipped as a backpack with hidden pockets for your wallet, keys, and other miscellaneous items you may take with you out on a run.

The anti-theft design makes it super versatile. The zipper to get into the main compartment is actually on the inverse side compared to usual backpacks and hydration packs. This makes it great for traveling and going to music festival, raves, or other crowded events. 

You can also as underglow and light string wire the to the RaveRunner and turn it into an LED backpack that lights up. One can assume the benefits of an light up backpack, but if you don’t, check out this article.


This hydration pack has the carrying capacity of 2 liters. This makes it the perfect running hydration pack for long runs. Their hydration pack comes with a cap so it makes it super safe to toss around at festivals and get dirty.


For $70 and all of the features that come with this pack, it is undeniably once of the best choices for a hydration pack. The company GenZ even runs promotional sales throughout the year, so be sure to stay on the lookout for a great deal on this running pack. 

Basic Running Pack

We had to put a more basic option on here for those who are not totally sold on getting into running. Additionally, not everyone is swimming in money and can afford a $60-$80 running pack.

If you are one of those people, this basic pack will work great for you are maybe for a gift to someone.

Does the Job

Like we said, this running pack will do the job, but it may not last. If you look at the reviews, many people do complain about the quality.


The color of this is super cool and may work great if you are a stylish individual trying to look good for a certain occasion. 

Reliable Brand

This brand makes many other products that seem to also have good reviews. Usually brands that have good products in other niches will have at least a product that can get the job done in other niches.


To summarize, there are plenty of good options when looking for a running pack to take on your next adventure. Any of these options will be a viable solution to whatever problem you may experience. Whether its comfort, size, or style, all of these options can bode well for you.

Rohit Raina
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