Best Mixed Drinks Or Cocktails For Your 21st Birthday

Best Mixed Drinks Or Cocktails For Your 21st Birthday

Everyone out there will be waiting for one day in 2020 that is going to be very special. It is going to be our big day. It is an important day not only for you but for your family and friends too. They start thinking and planning about how to celebrate this special day and make it even more exciting for the birthday boy/girl. The 21st birthday is even more special as this is when you are about to finish your studies and start your professional life.

In some countries, the legal or codified age is 18, while in the other it is mostly 21; so if you happen to be a resident of that country, congrats! So, how to spice things up a little to celebrate the new-found freedom? Let us help you out here.

The cocktails we present below are an interesting way to step into the world of booze:


Let’s start the whiskey tour with cranberry champagne martini. This drink provides you a fusion between healthy fruit and new toast. Mix a couple of cranberries along with some dashes of champagne and serve it in an elegant glass to hype the vibe up!


It is your birthday, but ever thought of having vodka shots as your cake? Sounds outrageous, right? But not any longer, because we are here to create some new ingredients into a cake-like drink. Mix dark chocolate with vodka and pour it in a shot glass, top it with some cream (as a cake’s icing) and then add some colorful sprinkles on the top. A nice prank for all your friends just to have some more fun at the party!


The name might deceive you from something straight out of the science lab, but don’t worry, it is not what you think. Time to sit back and relax because this fusion of the finest Scotch whiskey, lemon juice, a little bit honey, and some smoky Laphroaig is ready to enlighten your taste buds. This one is there with a bit of a hit with the ginger, though! A whiskey tour down the memory lane and back does not hurt!


As the name suggests, the color of this cocktail is its most distinguishable feature. The combination of this drink is Gin and Tonic, and even though this couple may not be the most popular one out there, we can assure you for it to be worth a try! Squeeze off some blood oranges to the mixture of Gin and Tonic, along with a spring of thyme and some lime to finish it off, and you have done!


It sounds more like a Thai drama than a cocktail, but we are sure that it is the latter. This one made from not just one but two classes of rum, orange curaçao, orgeat syrup along through a splash of lime and only one more floating shot of rum to finish it off, because the more, the merrier! You may also want to have a tropical-themed party if you would keep this drink because both of them would complement each other. Hawaiian shots along with some sunglasses on a private beach hut, good songs, and some drinks are all you need along with your close friends to make your 21st birthday the most memorable one!


Don’t worry; this is no natural calamity but a cocktail that will set a hurricane in your mind, especially if you have a breakfast party. This orange-red looking drink has some fundamental elements but, when combined, are meant to spark taste-buds. Light rum along with some dark rum as well, coupled with two juices: orange juice and pineapple juice and one more splash of grenadine. Perfect to set the mood right for the rest of the day and will just leave you relaxed, enjoyed, and, most importantly, happy!


Sounds and might as well taste like an old-fashioned one, but if you are one of those retro kinds, then this could be the best one for you! Requires you to light up a saucepan and add some cinnamon sticks, apple cider vinegar, and some clove. This drink suits perfectly after a long day of enjoying and partying, and then you lay down on your bed late at night, with some of it just to end the day on a slightly nicer and a calmer note.


Nothing beats simplicity, no matter how hard extravagancy tries. Just to finish off on a more straightforward note, we cannot forget our ancient best friend, the owner of the hearts, the Classic! The essential ingredients going into it include tequila, fresh lime juice, and a triple shaker. It is your special day, so you can tweak this drink the way you want to by maybe adding some fruits such as pineapples or oranges just to tick off the “fancy” checkbox.


Present above are some of the best drinks you can have on your birthday. They range from all the way extravagant fancy ones to the basic yet scrumptious ones! Whichever you may choose, remember that you never confined to the ingredients listed above and that you can always mold the recipe the way you and your friends like it! We have set the base right for you; now it is your time to bring out your creative soul within you and implement it on your special day!

Photo by Oleg Ivanov on Unsplash

Christie Lewis
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