3 of the Best Medication Tracking Apps That Won’t Let You Forget

3 of the Best Medication Tracking Apps That Won’t Let You Forget

If you’re one of many people who needs to take their daily medication for some sort of illness, you know how hard it can be – especially if you’re taking more than one type. Nevertheless, taking your medication is one of the most important things since even the slightest shift can easily change your progress of getting better or maintaining the desirable health condition.

Since health isn’t something anybody wants to play around with, we decided to list best apps for tracking your daily medication. These simple apps are great to keep everything in a single place and removing the burden of always having to keep the thought somewhere back in your head. We want to mention that our research brought us to an usual but interesting website that amongst many app lists, also has a list of currently best medication tracking apps we want to share.

Top 10 Apps for Tracking Medication

We picked what we think are the best 3 currently on the market, but if you find yourself not satisfied with our choices you can always go back, check the list and see if you find something that fulfills your needs.

Medisafe – Never Forget Your Medicine

First and foremost, Medisafe is like a reminder app specialized for medication as the name might imply. All you have to do is set time and date your doctor prescribes and that’s it. The app will make sure to always remind you when the time comes to take your pills and as you might expect – it works flawlessly. We love the small alarm-like feature that will keep you reminding until you confirm you actually taken your daily dose. Just like on an alarm clock, you can hit the snooze button and it’s a great way to not forget if you find yourself in a situation where you can take medication right at the moment. Worth mentioning is also the feature that lets you do basic analysis of how different medications interact. Although the best part is the simplicity of staying on track, this addition can help you get a better understanding of your health.

For what it is, Medisafe is pretty straightforward. If we would nitpick we’d say your regular alarm clock can do the exact same thing. Still, it’s extremely convenient to have everything related to your medication in one place instead of scattered across multiple general apps.

CareZone – For Families

Sometimes, you’re not the only one in your family that needs to make sure to take their daily medication. The obvious way to go with it is that each family member downloads their own separate apps. But another way to go with it is to sync up in a single app and not only keep an eye on your health but on your family as well. CareZone delivers a nice touch with the option to synchronize all your family accounts in a single clean interface. The main benefit of this is that you can easily serve as a backup for somebody in case they forget to take their medicine. Additionally, there’s a lovely feature that allows you to scan medication packages and instantly add them to your list. It does save time and when you visit the doctor next time, you’ll have your entire progress and inventory perfectly organized so both you and your family doctor don’t waste time.

This is definitely a more robust app than the first one and this comes with pros and cons. Pros are that you have more options on how to organize everything and the cons would be that you might get a bit lost. But, considering how much the app has to offer all it takes is some basic organizing skills from your end and you’ll be good to go. For example, next time you need to update something, just make sure you do it properly so 2 weeks later you don’t end up wondering how did something change so suddenly.

Medica – Organize Different Medications

Medica falls more in the category as Medisafe, but what sets it apart is organized categories for a different medication. It’s not solely based on pills, but you can also categorize and set up reminders for lotions for example. This might not mean much for people who only take one type of medication, but for people who take different types of medicine, they know how confusing it can get when you have a skin cream and pills you need to juggle every day. Besides that, it’s extremely easy to make changes if you need to update the dosage or you have a highly custom monthly plan. For example, you can quickly set up to get reminders every day besides Friday but that the reminder comes the last Friday of the month. Overall, it will take you maybe 10 minutes to set up everything depending on the complexity of your schedule, but once it’s done, you can sit back and be sure you never miss anything.
One thing that might bug many users is the monthly subscription. Instead of having an option to do a one-time purchase, you’re forced to pay monthly for a medication reminder. This might not be positively welcomed by some users, but it is still a great app and if you find it more than useful, you might not have a problem with their payment system.


And here you go, here’s our top pick of best medication tracking and reminder apps. AS said earlier, taking your daily dose is crucial for maintaining your health and you don’t want to skip a single day. To ensure this never happens, simple apps like these can go a long way.

We hope you’ll find them useful as much as we did so you don’t end up hitting your head realizing you skipped a crucial medicine.

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