Be a Temptation and Get Rich with Tempted

Be a Temptation and Get Rich with Tempted

It would be an understatement to state that the online world is a world of opportunities when you are a content creator. To be even more specific, if you are smart and good looking, there are some platforms that give you exposure as a content creator and make you rich at the same time. Tempted ranks among the very best of them 

To put it without masking, it has often been the case that there is a slight mismatch between the stories of people who made it on a given platform vs your actual personal experience. And that’s the gap Tempted aims to fill, and does so successfully for its Temptations.

Why Choose Tempted Over Other Platforms?

To begin with, the Tempted website has a clean and fuss-free UI that just makes your profile look sleek and easy to scan through. 

With opportunity comes competition, and with the various features Tempted has to offer, you can rest assured that your content exhibits the best in you and makes you stand out for your unique personality.

*Personality* is a keyword here because when you are a Temptation (aka a content creator on Tempted), you aren’t just compelled to present yourself as an eye-candy, but you also get to demonstrate your intelligence and the spectrum of skills that make you even more attractive.

Temptation offerings

So, what makes Temptation such a stand-out platform? Sample some of the following features:

Academy: You may be a good looking individual with smarts to go along with that, but creating content every week requires new ideas. Furthermore, coming up with those ideas and knowing how to execute them requires guidance. The Academy feature will help you create new content every week so that your fans don’t have to wait long for watching new content by you. And this helps them stick around.

Payment benefits: Tempted is not one of those platforms that would eat up a large chunk of your income, leaving you with a sizeably small portion. Instead, you get to take home 80% of what your Fans pay each week. What you must know upfront is that there is no sneaky token system with Tempted. You get paid money, all 80 percent of it!

Furthermore, the Referral Program is for lifetime, adding another source of passive income.

Be a part of ever-growing Community: Being a Temptation means not working in silos and instead being part of a large community of other Temptations who can help you grow by helping you discover new audiences. This is a very important feature that often gets ignored. At any platform for content creators, it is all about expanding your audience. Bigger is the audience, bigger is the exposure and even bigger are the bucks. 

More exposure and visibility: The rules of engagement are not ironclad. If you are looking for more visibility beyond what our features have to offer, we have a team with which you can personally interact with and they will oversee that everything you have in mind for your expansion as a Temptation gets executed.

So, do you wish to become a Temptation?

As touched upon earlier, this is the best time to be a content creator. This holds especially true for those creators who content is driven to a large degree by the visual aesthetics or appeal. As an individual who is comfortable in his or her skin and who has the intelligence to further solidify the magnetism in their personality, Tempted serves as a platform that will help them make the most out of their mojo, and more. 

So, what exactly are you waiting for?

Rohit Raina
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