As World Gets Back to Normal, It’s Time to Fly

As World Gets Back to Normal, It’s Time to Fly

Travelling internationally or even locally in corona times has become more of a privilege even for those who can afford it. The last one and a half year have been very long for the mankind collectively and have brought the world to its knees.

Among the various adjustments and sacrifices people had to make, travelling is right up there as one hobby or an obligation that took the biggest hit. And it is not just about the long international travels, but those flying frequently between countries as geographically close as India and Dubai have also had to put all their personal or business plans on the back burner and wait for the things to get better before they could even think of resuming normal activities. And the wait for the same has been pretty long, especially with the multiple waves striking the world

But, with the world getting back to normal, the travel between Dubai and India has once again has been witnessing a surge – slower but surer.

Whether for business purposes or for leisure, the travellers are again queuing up to book dxb to hyd flights or the return ones. One of the chief reasons are the affordable flights and, of course, the affinity between the two cultures and people from the two nations.

Why is Dubai a popular destination?

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For Indians, Dubai is a wonderful tourist destination because of a several attractions that range from the great and mind-numbing architecture that this city hosts to some of the finest hotels in the world, including the underwater hotels, to the lavish malls where you can find the local craft and fashion as well as the biggest names in the world. For adventure lovers, Dubai is again the hottest place to be with sports like dune bashing.

Why is India a popular destination?

And for those looking to come to India from Dubai, the culture they can find in India is so similar and yet so exotic for anybody from UAE. 

Whether you are travelling to Hyderabad or deeper south, the landmarks, the culture and the comparable climate make this part of India a huge attraction for people coming from Dubai. And when they travel up north, there is a whole different world to explore for them in terms of the kinds of cities, the landscape, the cultural shift when you are travelling from South to Central India and further up to Northern India.


India has popularly been dubbed as the land of wonders, and to people coming in from Dubai for the first time, it would feel nothing different despite several overlaps in the cultures. The diversity in Indian landscapes, towns and cultures is unmatched anywhere in the world, and that is the reason India holds such a special place in the hearts of anybody who has been to India even once.

So, if you have been contemplating whether to pack up and go to india for a vacation, stop contemplating and book one of the dxb to hyd flights right away

Rohit Raina
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