Are Porcelain And Ceramic Tiles Same?

Are Porcelain And Ceramic Tiles Same?

Today we use various materials for floor coverings. Among them, Ceramic and Porcelain tiles appear very similar. But there are differences between them, each with its advantages and disadvantages:

Key Differences Between Porcelain Tile And Ceramic Tile

  • Production Process: The technology of production of both materials is different. Porcelain tile is made at a higher pressure and a higher temperature than ceramic tile.
  • Decorative Aspect: Ceramic tiles have a rich color palette and a different surface structure. It is more decorative than porcelain.
  • Wear-Resistance: Porcelain tiles have greater resistance to wear and frost.
  • Thermal Conductivity: Ceramic tiles, unlike porcelain, have superior thermal conductivity.
  • Robust: Porcelain stoneware is a stronger material and can bear more load than ceramic tile.
  • Sound-Proof: Porcelain tiles have excellent sound insulation properties.
  • A significant difference in cost: Porcelain tiles are more expensive than ceramic tiles. That is why most buyers only use it outdoors or in places with a large load on the floor. 

Scope of Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tiles are mainly used for indoor and outdoor use. Like, floors in business and shopping centers & train stations, floors and walls in metro stations and airports. Moreover, people also use it for exterior decoration of building facades due to its high frost resistance. 

Apart from that, its resistance to sound allows you to cover floors of workshops and walls and floors of sports complexes. Some people also use it in residential areas – outdoors, near the pool, and stair treads.

Scope of Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles differ in appearance, composition, and scope. These tiles are stronger and more aesthetic than concrete tiles. These tiles suit indoors. The strength and durability of the tile are sufficient for laying in the bathroom, hallway, or kitchen.

Glazed ceramic tiles with a beautiful pattern will give a special shine to the room.  And the walls, covered with glazed ceramic tiles, are easy to clean and disinfect.

Ceramic tiles come in different colors and patterns. Moreover, you get a wide choice of sizes and shapes of these tiles. You can create various designs and patterns on floors or walls.

Which Tile Is Better For You?

The only answer to this is – it depends on the place where you wish to install the tiles. Various tiles suit the different parts of a building (be it a home, shop, or workshop).  Apart from that, the two significant considerations are – price and resistance to water.

As said above, Porcelain tiles offer excellent water resistance capability. So these tiles work well for areas contagious to moisture. Yet, many use both porcelain and ceramic tiles in bathrooms and showers. An economical and very safe option for bathroom tiles is to use ceramic tiles for walls and porcelain for the floor. 

Final Words

To conclude, one can make a choice between Porcelain and Ceramic by prioritizing water resistance, durability,  and appearance. However, while deciding between them both, don’t just think of their pros and cons. Also, consider your budget, choice in decor, and the architectural needs of the rooms. 

Christie Lewis
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