Are Misaligned Teeth Doing a Number on Your Confidence? Try These 3 Solutions

Are Misaligned Teeth Doing a Number on Your Confidence? Try These 3 Solutions

Millions of people have misaligned teeth, which is a problem that can have many causes. The issue is called a malocclusion, and it may be caused by injury or might be a family trait. Children often develop misaligned teeth caused by thumb sucking, using pacifiers, or mouth breathing. The condition may also be due to poor nutrition or a lack of dental care.

The good news is that dental professionals now offer a range of options that work for patients at every stage of life. It is important to have misaligned teeth corrected if the issue is impacting your self-confidence or causing health problems. Fortunately, a malocclusion can usually be fixed without surgery. An orthodontist is likely to offer solutions that include invisible, nearly invisible, or traditional metal braces.

1) Nearly Invisible Braces Are a Popular Option

If you want the most comfortable teeth-straightening experience, you might consider going to an orthodontist who provides Invisalign braces. If you do an online search for, “a provider offering Invisalign near me,” you will no doubt find a convenient office. This type of treatment is very popular. Many orthodontists offer Invisalign because they are convenient for patients.

If you are a good candidate, you will get new clear, plastic trays every two weeks. You just fit them over your teeth to change the position of teeth. Trays are continuously altered, which corrects your bite over time.

The use of plastic trays instead of more traditional methods is very popular with patients who want to remove braces while eating or during social events. The system is also better for gum health because you would not have pressure on your teeth all the time and brushing is easier. Office visits are short and you have virtually no maintenance.

2) Invisible Braces Are Ideal for Many Adults

If you work in the public eye or simply do not want a dental appliance to be visible while your teeth are being corrected, your orthodontist might suggest invisible braces. According to a piece in The Washingtonian, custom braces are often created using digital technology. Your orthodontist would fit braces entirely behind your teeth.

Since braces are created just for you, the treatment is faster than with metal braces. Treatments often correct issues within a year. However, you would still need to avoid eating certain foods and the braces can cause a temporary lisp. Brackets may also cause irritation, but there is a wax coating that helps prevent that.

3) Traditional Visible Braces Are Sometimes Necessary

If you have a severe misalignment, your orthodontist might suggest traditional braces that have metal wires. They could include brackets made of stainless steel, clear plastic, or tooth-colored ceramic. According to Healthline, modern metal braces are easier to deal with than they once were.

Your orthodontist will use smaller brackets and less metal than was once required. Braces will cause less discomfort, and you may be given the choice of colorful rubber bands that match your personal style. They are completely visible and brackets can cause discomfort at first. Metal braces also take longer to correct teeth than other methods.

Today, braces are not just for young people. Patients of all ages are now having misaligned teeth corrected. Those with extreme issues may require surgery, but orthodontists can get excellent results using invisible, nearly invisible, or classic metal braces.

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