All’s Fair In Love: 6 Stellar Reasons to Get a Prenup

All’s Fair In Love: 6 Stellar Reasons to Get a Prenup

It is said that half of all marriages end in divorce, but this hasn’t been true for decades. In the 1980s, the divorce rate was indeed that high, but today, it’s around 40%. Not so fast down the aisle there, though. Much of this drop has been attributed to an increasing hesitance to get married, as more of us are waiting until we’re 30 or older to propose.

However, if more of us considered a prenup, we might not be as wary of marriage. Here are six reasons to get a prenup – no matter how much you love your partner.

1. To safeguard your heart.

Do you have much more money than your future bride or groom? If so, we recommend visiting a Houston prenup lawyer. Introducing this idea to your potential spouse can help ease your mind with the knowledge that they’re not getting married to you now so that they can take your money later.

2. To safeguard your future.

Of course, even if you are the less wealthy partner, there are still good reasons to ask for a prenup. Let’s say you intend to be a stay-at-home parent once you start a family. This is not a good position to be in if your spouse suddenly leaves you. A prenup can guarantee that the higher earner will be legally bound to support their family in the event of a divorce.

3. To protect your family.

What will you inherit from your family? A business, some property, or a substantial sum of money? Some of us hold these assets very dear to us and want to keep them in the family. A prenup goes a long way in protecting heirlooms and inheritances from a scorned spouse.

4. To avoid excessive debt.

Perhaps you think your partner’s shopping addiction is kind of endearing in some way. The trouble is, if you get a divorce, you could be partially responsible for the debt they’ve accrued. A prenup can help guarantee that their irresponsible behaviour won’t become your financial burden later on.

5. To minimize time and money spent in court.

There’s no way around it: some divorces can get very messy. Imagine the passionate relationship you have now, and consider what happens when that passion is applied to a disagreement, vendetta, or betrayal. If you can recognize that divorce is a possibility in the future, a prenup is an insurance against a long, costly court battle over the division of assets.

6. To be realistic.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting your fairytale wedding. But we must all be adults and remember that life isn’t as simple as a beautiful beginning. Getting a prenuptial agreement is a healthy sign that you take your marriage seriously, and have sincerely explored every scenario when it comes to the rest of your lives – together or separates.

Will your marriage go the distance? There’s a very good chance it will, and a decent chance it won’t. Such is life, honestly. But no matter what the future holds, there’s always a way to prepare for a smoother transition. Talk to your fiance today about prenuptial agreements, and set yourselves up for success with a sensible, realistic approach to your legal union.

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