Alleviating Joint and Muscle Pain Caused Due to Bowling 

Alleviating Joint and Muscle Pain Caused Due to Bowling 

Clayton is a suburb in Melbourne, Australia. It is just a little over 10 miles from the Australian city’s central business district. This is why stressed people who want to relax and families that want to visit it. In the suburb, there are state forests, national parks, and community gardens. There are also various amenities available, such as arcades. Bowling in Clayton is one of the most popular recreational activities there.

Spending the entire weekend playing bowling with your family, friends, and co-workers can be rewarding. However, it can also leave your joints and muscles achy. This is especially true if you engage in bowling excessively, or you are not used to playing it a lot.

The good news is that your aching joints and muscles should not ruin your visit to Clayton to have fun. That’s because there are a few steps that you may take to make the problem go away. Here are some effective home remedies that you may give a try:

Ginger Tea

Benefits of Ginger tea for muscles and how it reduces muscle pain

Many know that one of the most effective all-natural solutions for nausea and an upset stomach is ginger tea. However, not a lot of people are aware that this herbal tea is also suitable for dealing with joint and muscle aches.

Other than ginger tea, you may also try drinking a cup of turmeric tea. Ginger and turmeric are cousins, and both have amazing anti-inflammatory properties.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar benefits for muscles

It may be a popular salad dressing ingredient, but apple cider vinegar is also capable of relieving sore and painful joints and muscles. It works because it has powerful antioxidants that are capable of reducing inflammation.

There are a couple of ways to use apple cider vinegar for pain relief. First, you may consume it by mouth by mixing it into a glass of water. Second, you may massage it on the affected area.

Hot or Ice Pack

Allowing the affected joint or muscles to rest for a while is a great idea. To speed up the healing process, you may count on a hot pack. This is effective for reducing stiffness due to the excessive playing of bowling, Clayton arcades are offering.

If the problem area looks red and swollen, stay away from a hot pack. That’s because it will only make the symptoms worse. What you need to do is opt for an ice pack.

Epsom Salt

The moment that you get back to your hotel room fill the bathtub with warm water. Pour a cup of Epsom salt in it afterward. Soak in there for several minutes until the affected joints and muscles no longer feel stiff and achy.

Magnesium is present in Epsom salt. According to health experts, magnesium can relax stiff muscles and joints. This is why Epsom salt can help alleviate aches and pain.


Sometimes dealing with achy joints and muscles due to excessive bowling Clayton offers can be as simple as popping a painkiller in your mouth. The right one for the job is the pill that you count on each time something in your body aches.

Before You Go

There are many effective home remedies for joint and muscle aches. If the problem refuses to go away after a few days, consult a doctor.

Christie Lewis
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