6 Best Tips for Planning Stag and Hen Parties

6 Best Tips for Planning Stag and Hen Parties

Organizing a perfect stag or hen party can be quite intimidating a prospect, especially if you have never planned such an event before. Whereas most people reach out to professional promoters to organize their events, not everyone has the means, or maybe you want a personalized touch, so you take up the role as the best man to arrange one for your stag. Either way, a stag or hen party is one of those life moments that come about only once thus you would want an excellent job.

Are you arranging a stag do weekend in Valencia? Well, below are invaluable tips, suggestions, and advice to help you plan an epic day for your best friend.

Who is invited?

This is the first thing you should sort out before deciding on which activities to indulge in during the event. Remember it’s not your event; therefore, it is important to confirm with the stag regarding his preferred attendees. Check to see whether there are some annoying or unwanted family members that he would like exempted from the list.

Ideally, limit the numbers to a manageable size. Despite the temptation of wanting to invite everyone in your phonebook, it is quite challenging sorting out accommodation, travel tickets and hotel booking for a large group.

Have the stag’s interests in mind

Both stags and hen parties are meant to be a surprise, but it would benefit you to get a rough idea of what the stag or bride is expecting. Tailor the activities of the day to suit your friend’s character and interests. Don’t give in to the pressure of having to please everyone else and forget about your friend’s pleasure. Is the stag an outgoing person or does he prefer indoor activities? What events or activities would make him feel special or make the night more memorable to him?

Proper budgeting

Proper budgeting is essential when it comes to guaranteeing the success of the stag do weekend. If you overprice, you might end up excluding some of his friends on the grounds of cost. Equally, setting the budget so low may result in an ordinary weekend out with no special events to spice it up.

For this reason, set a realistic budget. Stag activities in Bratislava do not involve a hefty price tag, so a reasonably budgeted stag do weekend in Bratislava wouldn’t do any damage to the attendees’ wallets. Serve notice to all attendees on the amount they are required to contribute and set a convenient deadline. If there are some members with a difficult economic background, consider subsidizing them through fundraising.


Choosing a date that is suitable for everyone is always a challenge, but it gets a lot easier with proper communication. Request everyone to suggest their preferred dates and narrow down to when most people are available. Enquire from the stag or bride some of the individuals he/she prioritizes and select the ideal date based on that. Notify all attendees on the set date and request for confirmation with a definite deadline.

Look into options

Bratislava is a wallet-friendly EU destination that comes with multiple affordable games and pranks to make the stag do a fantastic experience. Be careful when selecting the right venue to throw the party. The location can easily make or break your event thus you should pick an easily recognizable hot spot known to everyone.

Bratislava has plenty of activities for a stag do weekend including paintball, quad biking, sexy pool parties, casinos, body painting, outdoor karting, clay pigeon shooting, female strippers, and whitewater rafting among many others. For hen parties, you can consider oil wrestling, male strippers, hen party arrests, body painting, and various water activities. Get all the members to commit to a workable plan and have lots of fun.

Save the groom the “bad news”

Are you experiencing challenges getting proper accommodation or booking the events of the day? Do not tell the stag about the accommodation nightmares or budget shortcomings. As the best man and event organizer, you should be ready to take full control. Carry out intensive research on the day’s events and venues and have a backup list just in case things don’t go as planned. Again, avoid involving the groom or bride in the events drama.

Planning a successful stag or hen party is not easy therefore do not hesitate to request help from friends who have experience in organizing such events. Try to accommodate all guests during the planning period and brainstorm your ideas to come up with better and more fun activities. Lastly, proper communication is key. Update the guests on the progress you have made so far and whether or not you are facing any challenges along the way. Most importantly, remember to have FUN!!

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