Actresses Perfect for Playing the New Lara Croft

Actresses Perfect for Playing the New Lara Croft

Alright, Lara Croft was hardly any critic’s favourite. But, does it matter? Really? Angelina Jolie will ever remain the aboriginal Lara Croft, but if someone somewhere decides to make a remake, here are a few babes who can fill the shoes to look hot and kick some ass:

Milla Jovovich

Oh yeah, you knew she’d be here. There is hardly a woman who has kicked more ass on big screen than Mila Jovovich. Her tun in the Resident Evil series and The Three Musketeers makes her the de-facto action heroine of generations.

Kelly Brook

Sobriquets like ‘sexiest woman alive’ don’t hold a candle to her sizzling sensuality. She may not have set the screen on fire with her acting skills, but trust her to give flame to the inferno by her carnal prowess. Only the sight of a leather-clad, biker-chick Kelly Brook with a gun makes us drool.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley hot topless picture

I am not even gonna start with how effortlessly she has replaced Megan Fox in the Transformer series, not letting is miss Fox, but where do I then. Rosie can make her claim to be the next Lara Croft despite the fact that she hardly gave anyone a serious whipping of the sorts you expect Lara to.

Anne Hathaway

So, she been played a damsel in distress cum love-struck girl in several flicks like Les Miserables, …. does that still qualify her as the next Lara Croft? Damn straight. Miss Hathway slipped into the role of Catwoman in Dark Knight Rises flawlessly, perniciously and with a lot of oomph.

Jennifer Lawrence


Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence proved her mettle in The Hunger Games. Though Lara Croft may not need her immense versatility as an actress, she sure has had her lessons when it comes to action.

Despite its wafer-thin plot, Lara Croft was a fan-favourite in many countries. These babes – we could only hope – canadd value to the forgotten franchise

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