A lifestyle blog for 20 somethings, LeisureMartini packages great reads on topics like men and women fashion tips, travel tips, articles around entertainment, movies (bollywood and hollywood), politics, technology, humor, poetry and even the offbeat trends in health and lifestyle industry. At present, we are a virtual group rapidly making our presence felt online. Our readers are people from all walks of life and belong to a diverse age group, making Leisure Martini a truly cosmopolitan digest.

We stay true to our name by offering you a martini (cocktail) of various ingredients – movies, poetry, humour, music, etc – that mix together to create leisure times.

We are a small bunch today, providing for most of the content requirement of the website. Laser focussed on providing great value to our readers, we aim to indulge you (if not get you worked over). The different realms that Leisure Martini covers include:

A Little Tongue in CheekHumour, to be taken with a pinch of salt.

LegendsPassionate write-ups about personalities who, like a gathering storm, arrived and changed the world they thrived in.

Movies: Lists about the best of the best, articles on celebrities and movie reviews.

Musings: Poetry and utterly random lines that make a splendid affair with soul and romance.

Top 5 of Everything: True to it’s name, it talks about 5 of the best.. of everything.

Photos: Something for the eyes. And the senses.

Views: Writers’ outlet

Cricket & Some: Stories on the different sports

Random: A bit of everything for readers who have diverse tastes.

If our musings section gives you long lasting jolts of melancholy, without any maudlin impulses, the Tongue in Cheek category aims to tickle those funny bones. If only a bit. Leisure Martini is focussing to grow into a robust content writing group that learns and develops together as an inimitable resource for the content industry.

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