Simple Guide to Choosing Accessories For Plus-Size Wedding Guests

Simple Guide to Choosing Accessories For Plus-Size Wedding Guests

No matter how expensive or elegant an outfit is, without complementing it with accessories would make it look quite dull. Instead, adding up simple accessories such as ribbons, hats, or jewelry to ordinary clothing can accentuate the whole look and feel of the outfit. 

Regardless of whether they are plus size dresses for a wedding guest or formal cocktail dress for a graduation party, there is always the right accessory for the right look. Here are some simple tips on accessorizing the attire for plus-size women.

Always Go for the Classic Adornments

Classic accessories are there for a reason. Simple jewelry items such as drop earrings, bracelets, and pearls can wonderfully transform an everyday look to an elegant and noble appearance.

Begin by Picking Accessories for the Ears

Depending on the wedding ceremony that you are attending, wear earrings that complement the attire and degree of formality of the special event. Some jewelry with a specific color can go well with a particular shade of outfit. For instance, dark-colored plus size dresses for a wedding guest would go well with gold earrings, while pastel-colored attire goes well with a silver pair of earrings.

As for the sizes of the earring, choosing a bigger pair are better for plus-size women.

Nevertheless, these are not absolute rules because the women are in total control of their options. They could even choose smaller sized earrings if they wish to tone down the look a little bit. The choice is theirs, as long as the balance of the entire look is maintained.

Choose “Custom” Accessories

The art of choosing the best accessories is not rocket science. However, to blend in and look like somewhat of an expert in this field, start observing the jewelry that people usually use on certain parts of their bodies. These include jewelry such as necklaces, rings, brooches, as well as pieces of clothing such as shawls.

However, keep in mind that not all “custom” accessories are suitable for all outfits. Some clothes are better off without necklaces, such as outfits with high necklines that already serve to accessorize the neck. Similarly, clothing with long sleeves will only make bracelets look like a “hassle.”

Also, remember to choose the right wedges or heels that match well with the whole look.

Test Everything Before Stepping Out

Before deciding on the accessory, try testing the new look in the mirror. From hat to shoes, wear them all and walk in front of a full-body mirror. If everything looks good, or better yet, can accentuate a plus-size woman’s whole look and figure, then go for it. 

Otherwise, if some of the accessories look weird or out of place, then try to mix and match other accessories until you find the right combination. Make sure to go for accessories that are not unflattering but instead, accentuates the body’s good points.

Maintain the Balance of the Overall Look

Outfits that are “too busy” with details, such as prints and colors, would be better without any pieces of jewelry. On the other hand, if simplicity is the goal, then pick only a small number of jewelry with similar tones.

Whichever accessory that a plus-size woman chooses to go with, the most important thing is to be herself. Ultimately, the best accessories that people can adorn themselves with are self-confidence and a smile.

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