A New Life: The Top 3 Most Common Challenges Couples Face When Moving in Together

A New Life: The Top 3 Most Common Challenges Couples Face When Moving in Together

Starting a new life and moving in with your significant other is a time of huge excitement. You are embarking on a new journey together, taking your relationship to the next level, and further entwining your lives in a deeper, more meaningful way.

However, it also brings enormous challenges. The practicality alone of one, or both, or you moving is a challenge. Then, once you are moved in, you have a slew of difficult decisions to make. What décor do you both want? Who gets what wardrobe and closet space? Will you get your home furniture on rent or will you buy from new?

Procuring Furniture

One, or both parties may have furniture from their previous living arrangements that they are able to bring to the new property. However, in cases where there are items that need to be procured, or a whole property to be furnished, you have a decision to make as a couple.

You could buy the furniture new. This is often costly, but if you have some money squirreled away it may be worth forking out. You could acquire used furniture. However, there is not guarantee second hand furniture will be of sufficient quality. It may also have a reduced lifespan, depending on how well it was looked after.

Young Indians are frequently turning to rental options to meet their furniture needs. It is cheaper than buying new, and you can guarantee you get high-quality pieces. Often young couples will rent until they have saved up the money to purchase new furniture for the property. Couples can rent air conditioners, beds, sofas and even vehicles, providing excellent cost-effective short-term solutions until they can get the money together to buy from new.

Defining Personal Space

Even though you both will now share a living space, there are still areas of personal space that need defining. These include what side of the bed each person will sleep on, the allocation of closet space, and any personal style and décor preferences. All of these decisions should be made together, with both parties having their opinions heard and getting a say in the outcome.

Household Chores and Cleanliness

55% of newly cohabiting couples cited household chores and cleanliness as the biggest source of tension and friction in the relationship. When two people move in together, whether they are housemates, flatmates, friends, or in a stable relationship, there needs to be some division of the household chores.

No one person wants to feel like they are doing too much, and the other person isn’t doing enough. Setting realistic expectations about what each of you expects from the other is a good place to start. You should also both be clear from the outset that you want the other to communicate if they are not feeling valued and they want the other to step up and take more responsibilities. Both of you may have different priorities and expectations when it comes to cleanliness. If the other person doesn’t know your expectations, then how can they be expected to pull their weight?

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