A Modern Day Mini-Guide To Doormats

A Modern Day Mini-Guide To Doormats

Doormats have come out as an in-vogue game-changer in home decor. What was once regarded as merely a lump of cloth used in hosing down dirt from footwear has now transformed into an integral element of lifestyle furnishing. A little bit of research about doormats is, hence, quintessential for keeping up with the latest decor trends.

So what exactly should be our approach to understanding the latest trends in doormats? For this, we are going to start off with why doormats should matter to furnishing at all, and how significant are they really? Then we’ll talk about personalized doormats with literally thousand of catchy texts (like the welcome door mat above) as well as motif doormats.

The Very First Glimpse of Your Home Decor


We don’t know who exactly was behind this doormat revolution, but we’re pretty sure about what doormats represent. They are sort of a teaser of your taste in decor, and with first impressions being last impressions, you can get the idea of where this hype for doormats is coming from.

As simple as a mere text on your doormat can set the right mood for your guests. What’s even cooler about doormats is that they’re pretty economical as compared to other furnishing items, and can be easily replaced anytime you like. In fact, you can have separate doormats for different seasons, moods or even guests!

Outdoor or Indoor?

Which one should we go for: indoor or outdoor doormats? This might really be the most asked about question regarding doormats. The answer is pretty simple; why not go for both? Since outdoor doormats serve their own purpose of dealing with all the debris in your footwear from a long day of walk, indoor doormats have their own significance in embellishing your place. That said, you should always be clear about which doormat should stay inside and which one should stay on the other side of the door, biting the dust all day (quite literally). Needless to say, stylish door mats get to stay in your comforting home and standard ones face nature’s moods (seasons) throughout the year.

The Ideal Choice

Now that you know how valuable doormats are, its important to discuss what kind of doormat will be best suited to your decor. Again, you should understand that doormats offer a sneak peek of your home decor, and that’s why you should select your ideal doormat accordingly. Here are some of the most trending doormat ideas that you could check out during your next doormat shopping.

Custom Doormats

It’s no secret that we are living in an era of texts. Catchy one-liners and quotes are found on pretty much anything where there is a scope, and doormats are no exception. The best part of custom text doormats is that they are very appealing to pretty much everyone. Here’s where you should take the wheel in deciding what line you’d want your guests to greet with. Here are some of our personal favorites by AA-Living:


Motif Doormats

The evergreen, and with a doubt, still the most prominent! What has changed, though, is the introduction of all sorts of exciting and vibrant patterns in recent years. How one comes up with these designs remains a mystery, but they certainly do seem to be consistently ameliorating over time. The key thing to keep in mind while selecting a suitable texture doormat is that it MUST go with the theme or texture of your decor. In addition to the color tone, the texture design itself should be indicative of your furnishing in general. Here are a few suggestions to start your search with:


Now that you know how and where to begin, it’s time to fish around the web and select your favorite doormats online! What other suggestions do you have regarding doormats? Do let us know in the comments!

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