A Fashionista’s Guide to Top 7 Handbags for Every Occasion

A Fashionista’s Guide to Top 7 Handbags for Every Occasion

Handbags are more than a fashion rage, they have become a part of our daily fashion. And, there are just too many varieties of handbags to be chosen from on different occasions.

What is already a crowded territory has been made even more confusing by the bold and trendy handbags we get to get our hands on these days. Different designs, colour and types make it difficult for any one to buy just one – that one! When you finally select the right bag for the right place and time, that says a lot about your fashion sense and helps you make a grand fashion statement.

To make it a bit simpler, given below are the top 7 handbags which can be used for every occasion without compromising on the comparability with the outfit you plan to wear.    

For Urban Go-Out

Shoulder Bags

Shoulder Bags are great for the everyday use and can be carried along quite easily with straps long enough to go over one’s shoulder. This enables you to go hands-free. In terms of style, these bags are considered classy. Shoulder bags can be carried in different ways – be it around the hips or waist. They are often crafted to go well with traditional wears. Notebooks, cell phones, keys etc. can be easily fitted into this type of handbags with ease. There is a wide range of colours, designs, and styles of shoulder bags which gives you a great many options to go for the one that matches your taste. 

Hobo Bag

Hobo bags cover a lot of space inside them. Specially made for women, these bags are carried over the shoulder with generally two straps. There is the main opening at the top of the bag which can be opened or closed with the zipper. Inside the bag, there are many compartments for keeping things organized.

Tote Bags

In comparison to other handbags, tote bags have a larger space to accommodate your belongings. They are available in different materials ranging from canvas to leather and are generally rectangular in shape. They can be used to comfortably carry cell phones, water bottles, cash, credit and debit cards, keys etc. With usually two straps serving as a handle, these bags are designed to be carried on an arm.

Tote bags are specially designed keeping in mind the different fashionable demands of women. SOURCE: lbb.in 

Tote bags are very elegant in appearance and enhance a person’s overall bearing and making a strong style statement. 

For Practical Everyday Purposes 

Bucket Bags

Bucket bags were originally designed for carrying bottles, especially champagne bottles. These bags are designed in a way that they are highly durable. With a drawstring top, these bags exude a vintage look. Due to their simple but classy look, these bags are perfect for you if you are planning to go for a vacation without wanting to carry too much or too less. In addition to that, they come in a wide range of colour, size and style varieties to complement your fashion statement. 


Satchels are large but durable handbags with a wide flat bottom and the main pocket covered by a flap, a shoulder strap and zippers for sealing pockets and two small handles. These handbags are generally used by women, usually with the strap of the bag over one shoulder and the satchel against the opposite hip. Over the years, satchels have also become merchandise of fashion for men as well.


The most utility-oriented bag is the backpack. With two straps on the rear, backpacks can be used to pack just about anything. These bags are most preferred for a daily use and have become highly compatible with formals. The two straps lessen the burden on the side of the shoulder and distribute the weight equally on the two sides. Many backpacks also come with anti-theft security features, such as password lock. These bags, unlike most other handbags, are gender-neutral and can be worn by both men and women.

For Parties


Clutches are exquisitely designed handbags for women who want to take a handbag to a party. These are very small handbags and can be easily carried in the palm of your hands. Embossed with beads and designed with meticulous craft, carrying them enhances a woman’s overall personality. With small straps in many of the clutches, you can also dangle the bag in your wrist for more convenience. 

Every occasion demands a different type of handbag. Getting yourself acquainted with the what’s what of handbags would do well to elevate your fashion statement. Online exploration and shopping of handbags is an ideal way to compare the different options. Shop on LLB for handbags to explore different types of colours and designs at an effective price. With the right handbag for the right occasion, you can make a great impression.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

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