9 Trends You Need To Know for Fabric Markers

9 Trends You Need To Know for Fabric Markers

People love to express themselves creatively. Art has the power to transform the world around us. There are many ways to engage in creative, fun play. One such way is via the use of color. Color can be added to many things. Fabrics, in particular, can serve as material for a unique art project that can be hung on the wall, worn or just enjoyed as a way to have fun on a rainy day. Fabric markers from CraftOnline are an easy way to take any fabric and give it your own personal spin. Modern fabric marker trends are bringing in new twists on old favorites and adding even more delightful possibilities. 

Basic Black 

Black is always fashionable. Black fabric markers are not only elegant. They’re also extremely useful. A set of black markers can be used for many practical purposes. This is the ideal way to add any lettering that needs to be added to an object. Black allows the person to immediately identify items they own. Modern black fabric markers are designed to be a no nonsense choice that makes it easier than ever to stay organized. 

Glitter Playfulness 

Glitter is a favorite for kids of all ages. Fabric markers with glitter are one way to add something unexpected. Glitter is a good choice for kids who wish to express themselves creatively. These are fabric markers with instant appeal. Glitter is a good choice for a project that needs something cheerful and lighthearted. Art teachers can bring these fabric markers with them knowing they will get a happy immediate reaction once they’re out of the box. 

Fade Proof 

Once a project is completed, the last thing people want are markers that will fade. Today’s modern designers are providing customers with markers that remain steadfast once the project is finished. Markers allow the customer the confidence they need to know their handiwork remains on the fabric without compromising their design. Contemporary marker materials make it easy for people to add color and life to any item. They also make it easier for people to make sure that item they’ve made by hand can stand up to repeated cleaning and still look as nice as the day it was created. 

Kid Friendly

Art projects offer kids many benefits. Art allows kids to express their inner thoughts and make it clear what they’re thinking. Kid friendly fabric markers are just right for any kid’s art project. Today’s marker makers are making it easier than ever for kids to use them. Smaller fabric markers make it easy for little hands to grasp them. Large lettering along the sides allows kids to easily find the exact color the want for their own art in an instant. New fabric markers also make a great gift that any kid will appreciate for a special occasion or just for days of summer vacation play. 

Neon Fun

Neon brights are in fashion again. The use of neon colors like bright yellow and orange are one way to make any art project stand out in a crowd and shine. Neon is a popular choice in fabric markers for many reasons. The brighter colors stand out against any background and can be seen from a distance. This makes them the ideal thing to use on items that are intended for a camping trip where visibility needs to be a primary consideration. A set of neon markers are also ideal when searching for a way to make an immediate visible statement. 

Non Toxic

Modern fabric markers are made from non-toxic materials. These are materials that can be handled on the skin without worrying about harm. Modern materials also work in harmony with the earth. These fabric markers are gentle. They will not harm kids, pets and young children. Parents can bring them home knowing they are completely safe. Parents can also bring them home and have the satisfaction of knowing that such markers do not pose any danger to any guests or other large gatherings of people. Kids and adults alike can grab them with ease for a good time. 

One Coat

In the past, it was often necessary to put more than one coat on the fabric in order to get to the desired design. This was done in order to make sure the color from the marker would complete saturate the fabric fully and stay there over time. New markers make it easier to get that result after only a single outing. People can draw the design they like best on the fabric and be assured that will remain on the fabric. Modern markers are stronger, have better color and get far better results. 

Primary Colors 

Primary colors are always welcome in any art project. A set of fabric markers in primary colors like red and blue are fashionable. These are colors that add a splash of warmth and help make any item stand out in a crowd. Primary colors are especially popular in fabric markers today as they are in tune with other color trends. Designers are turning to their color roots to create items with basic appeal. Bright blue immediately says the sky or ocean to the viewer. Soft green calls to mind a lovely field. Use them in your own personal artwork for a similar natural effect. 

Shades of Pink

Pink is in right now. Everyone loves seeing lots of pink. Pink is delicate, pretty, bold and flirtatious. Like everyone else, people who love fabric markers love pink. Current fabric marker makers are showing off many different shades of pink. People will find darker shades that are a good choice for something plan to wear at night. Lighter hues of pink are good for graceful items intended to drape across a sofa in a room devoted to polite conversation and relaxation with friends. Kids love having lots of types of pinks to use in their own art.

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