8 Ways to Make Your Car Feel Instantly More Luxurious

8 Ways to Make Your Car Feel Instantly More Luxurious

Is your four-wheeler still going but barely? Does it attract all the attention, but not the good kind? Or maybe you just want to treat yourself to some modern upgrades and improve the look and feel of your car? Good news is that you can easily and cheaply make your car more luxurious in a heartbeat. Need some ideas? Here are a few that might fit your car, your taste and your budget. 

Improve your steering wheel

Sometimes, all you need to improve the feel of your car is to make it a little softer in your hands. After all, every time you drive, you have your hands on the steering wheel, so why not invest in something lux? There are plenty of modern and elegant steering wheel covers available on Amazon that will fit your car to the T. 

Grab new floor mats

Another cheap and quick solution for your shabby car issues is to throw out those filthy floor mats. No matter how much you care about your car flooring, these mats get beyond dirty and have all sorts of wear-and-tear signs—it’s not attractive. Your new floor mats will not only improve the look of your car’s interior but also give you that new car smell we all seem to love. If you want something more thorough, you can tear out your interior carpet and pick a modern and lux new material for a much bigger impact. 

Boost your entertainment

8 Ways to Make Your Car Feel Instantly More Luxurious

Most of the in-car speakers and screens are long outdated. Some still have a CD player even though none of us uses it anymore. Well, you can replace your aged stereo with something that can connect to your smartphone and provide you with the ultimate music-listening experience and treat you with various hands-free abilities. 

Protect your exterior

Since the winter is coming, it’s a great idea to protect your paint and ensure it looks good all through the cold season. While applying wax is a great solution, it will not offer that completely new and protected look to your paint. Instead, you can opt for a revolutionary DIY ceramic coating that hardens when dry, making the protection hard and durable and giving your car that new shine. This coating also makes washing a breeze which is great for the winter when you constantly need to wash your car to remove salt and other road treatments. 

Improve safety

8 Ways to Make Your Car Feel Instantly More Luxurious

Most “mature” vehicles don’t have any of the modern safety features. Luckily, if you have the right model of the car, you can easily install some features that will make your driving and car parking much easier and safe. Some of the most useful safety features out there are back-up cameras, blind-spot monitors and collision-warning systems. 

Pimp your wheels

You can tell a lot about the driver by the wheels they have on their vehicle. Upgrading your wheels and tires can offer a smoother ride and completely change the look of your car. And don’t think you need to go flashy with chrome, spinners and expensive performance tires to make a big impression. A simple wheel upgrade from steel wheels and hubcaps to something a little more aesthetically pleasing will do the trick. 

Invest in new shocks

While you’re messing with the wheels, don’t forget to replace your shocks. This part of the car is often neglected, but a good set of shocks can absorb any sort of road imperfection and make your rides smooth and safe. A quality set costs around a few hundred dollars and can be purchased online or at your local parts shop. You might be able to change them at home, but if you’re not comfortable with that, a good shop will handle that in a second. 

Light it up

8 Ways to Make Your Car Feel Instantly More Luxurious

If you think your lights lack flavor, you can add some to the front and back with new and improved headlights. You can either polish your old headlights or replace bulbs with LEDs. Looking for more fashion? Headlight tinting and covers will offer some extra style as long as you abide by the regulation. Of course, you can always light up your interior too with accent lights. Adding some lighting to the footwells is the favorite way to improve the interior for many people. Make sure to choose your interior lighting carefully because if you get too carried away, you can end up with a tacky end-result. 

Before you rust to buy a new car and spend thousands of dollars, you can easily give your old vehicle a new life with these improvements. You will fall in love with your car all over again and turn heads for all the right reasons this time. 

Rohit Raina
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