8 Tips to Help You Choose a Fantastic Evening Gown

8 Tips to Help You Choose a Fantastic Evening Gown

With the answering machine going crazy from invites to weddings and formal dances, you realize you don’t have much time to do what you fear the most – shopping! You must have consumed everything around tips for women on fashion blogs like ours, but the fact remains that shopping for formal wear is perhaps not as exciting as it is for a bride or the maid of honor — unless you’re playing dress-up in front of the boutique’s mirror to impress your crush for your first date. 

Is it a semi-formal dance? Is it necessary to match the color of the tie your date’s planning on wearing to the dance? Are you going to the wedding of your first or second cousin? Should you wear a petite black dress or perhaps, a long evening gown with flair? Should you buy a new gown or wear the one you wore to your prom last season? By the way, if you have made up your mind to wear your gown long, here are some tips to final shortlisting your pretty, long evening gown.

Decisions! Decisions!

Shopping for an evening gown is definitely an ordeal, especially if your pocket is a little less heavy. We have 8 tips that we think will help you choose an evening gown that not only does justice to your wallet, but also to the occasion you’re heading to!

Flatter Your Body Shape

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Instead of zooming past aisles with choices that won’t fit you in the dressing room, consider having a talk with a saleswomen regarding your body shape and size. Assess your body features by studying the different categories of body shapes and pick the styles which would do justice to your frame. 

For instance, if you clearly possess an hour-glass body, then you’d have to look for a dress that flatters your slender waistline and supports your bust in proportion to the curves of your hips. Similarly, if your height falls below 5’4, then you’d have to choose an evening gown that best accentuates the curves of your bust and hips. At times, when you can’t decide on a gown, it’s best to be safe with an A-line dress as it not only stays in style, but fits every type of body frame perfectly. 

Check Your Budget

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Before you spend hundreds of dollars on your evening gown, always be aware of the budget you’re carrying for the purpose, and whether splurging is an option or not. Shopping during off-seasons or clearance sales is perhaps the safest (read: cheapest) bet you can vouch for, especially if you want to stick to your budget. Secondly, always check the prices of the different types of gowns you shortlist. For instance, if you’re going for one with a little bit of flair and embellishments such as lace or patchwork, then realize that it’s going to be expensive as compared to a simple evening gown.

Wear them Twice!

Do you plan on storing your evening gown in your wardrobe after wearing it to an event or prefer wearing it a few times? Well, if you have a strict budget whenever you go shopping, then stick to the latter and channel your inner Tiffany Hadish. If the star comedian can wear her $4,000 Alexander McQueen gown three times, then so can you! 

Choose Neutral Colors


If you can’t decide on an embellished evening gown, then always go for neutral colors with little embellishments and flair or those with absolutely none at all for your formal events. Always consider shopping for neutral colors such as black, taupe, ivory, tan, fawn, white, or navy blue to be on the safe side. Also, it would never hurt to own a petite red dress so channel your fears and tackle the boutique to wear the one you want with utmost pride.

Groom and Style Your way on the Ramp!


If your heart is set on the dress that doesn’t come in your size, see if your tailor can mend it with a few alterations so that you can wear it with style. Always keep a tailor and never rely on boutique-bought styles unless you’re buying from a designer collection. For plus-sizes or too skinny body frames, consider buying the fabric and getting it stitched to fit your body shape with perfection. You can also scroll through contemporary and formal dresses for women online if you can’t find an option in-store and wish to avoid the hassle of having one stitched.

Always remember that it’s important to feel confident in your skin, no matter what the fabric or size – fake it till you can make and top it! 

Choose Versatile Styles

Choosing the trendiest styles can have two cons, per se. One, they are high in demand and can be comparatively more expensive, and two, you wouldn’t be able to wear them when the trend’s out of season. Choose an evening gown that is either versatile in style so that you can re-wear it a couple of times, or one that supports your body frame a bit too exquisitely than any other. Choose flattering necklines and whimsical designs such as cap or ruffled sleeves, shimmer on the body, lace on the hem, and V-necklines to be on the safe yet trendy side. 



If the inflation is posing a strain to your budget, then consider altering the dresses that are already in your possession. For instance, for petite dresses, consider sewing fabric of the same material and color to elongate their lengths. To shorten those out of style, don’t think twice and cut off the extra fabric and trim their hems to wear as you like. 


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Choose an evening gown that goes well with the accessories you received for Christmas, or vice versa so that you can be trendy and thrifty at the same time. If you’re wearing a strapless gown, then accentuate your bare neck with a trendy black choker, or an embellished necklace with a pendant that falls deeper below. Choose the best heels and purse that go perfectly with your dress!

Always remember not to clutter your dress with accessories as the overall style can look somewhat forced and heavy. If your dress is plain, consider accessorizing with a little drama and flair, but if your gown is embellished from head to toe, then you might reconsider your options. 

We hope that these tips help you out whenever you head to your next shopping spree and prevent you from splurging where unnecessary. Your evening gown awaits you and so does your escort at the dance or wedding! 

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