8 Skills Women Commonly Bring to a Workplace

8 Skills Women Commonly Bring to a Workplace

Women make up half of the workforce, and they didn’t come to the table empty handed. They have unique traits sure to benefit any employer while they climb the ladder to success — and they do it with their own unique style.

No one gender has dominion over a complete skillset, and every woman is as unique as a fingerprint. However, here are eight strengths females often tend to bring to an office or workspace.

1. They’re Organized

Many women have an inherent sense of a place for everything and everything in its place. There’s a reason high-powered executives traditionally gravitate toward hiring female assistants. Women know that, just like trying to find children’s’ homework assignments in a frenzy two minutes before the school bus arrives, disorganization only leads to more stress. They use these skills in the workplace to always know where the materials for the big presentation are and what still needs to be completed.

2. They Gravitate Toward Teamwork

Women are naturally social, and this makes them the perfect team players in the workplace. They tend to understand several people working together can accomplish far more than one person alone. As females are also whiz kids when it comes to mediation, they make sure everyone’s contributions receive recognition and soothe over any conflicts.

3. They Have Creative Genius

Women are often used to thinking on their toes. After all, when constantly juggling work and family life like a boss, they have to come up with innovative solutions on the daily to problems like how to coordinate a play date, soccer match and school theater production all taking place in the same week. When they get to the office, all that problem-solving genius gets put to great use.

4. They’re Empathetic and Compassionate

Women have an innate nurturing instinct too long interpreted as weakness. However, female compassion and empathy is a sign of true strength. Handling sensitive issues can put a great deal of stress on people. Few managers, for example, relish the thought of giving an underperforming employee a negative review. Women tend to instinctively handle such matters with tact and ask probing questions to get to the bottom of underlying issues that may impact on-the-job performance.

5. They Communicate Extremely Well

Even though recent research casts aspersions on the idea that women use more words than men do each day, there’s no doubting females communicate extremely effectively. Part of this involves understanding what motivates people to perform at their best. Women also speak clearly and have often learned to assert themselves without resorting to intimidation or bullying — behaviors that can damage interoffice relationships.

6. They’re Used to Going the Extra Mile

Women are used to doing it all and can often easily manage a packed schedule. They are used to going above and beyond, and their ability to do so makes them stars even in male-dominated fields. When it comes time for earning a promotion, the ladies have it locked.

7. They Know When to Take Charge

Even though society continues to cling to the myth that men make better leaders, this contradicts biology. Mothers were the original defenders of their children, and no creature on Earth fights harder than a mama whose little ones are threatened. Because of this, when crunch time rolls around at work, women step up to the plate and get the job done.

8. They Make Incredible Mentors

Women make excellent instructors and are good at diagnosing when someone simply isn’t understanding a concept and explaining it in a different way. This, paired with their compassion, makes them excellent career mentors.

Those new to the workplace should seek a female mentor if one is not assigned to them. While male co-workers sometimes perceive an ambitious colleague as a threat, women are more likely to cheer on the progress of someone they’ve coached on the path to success.

Women Make the Workplace Better in Many Ways

Due to their unique skillsets, female workers make a valuable contribution to any team. Their frequent ability to solve problems, think on their feet, communicate clearly and demonstrate empathetic leadership can make them a delight to work with as well. Here’s to all the wonderful working women of the world!

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