7 Unique Coffee Shops Across the World

7 Unique Coffee Shops Across the World

Coffee shops are the ultimate caffeine plugs. For some, they serve as a late-night productivity hub, and for others, they provide a relaxing atmosphere to catch up with friends. Coffee shops have also learned to adapt and differentiate themselves from the competition. These unique brands make certain coffee shops especially fun to visit.

The Attendant (Fitzrovia, London)

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You’ve probably never drank your coffee in the boys’ bathroom. Set up in an old Victorian mens washroom, The Attendant creatively makes use of London’s vast underground space by serving customers in the midst of retired water tanks and urinals. Don’t worry, you don’t have to hold your breath: the toilets haven’t functioned in years.

Dreamy Camera Café (Yangpyeong county, South Korea)

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Talk about a photo opportunity! The two-story Dreamy Camera Café doubles as a coffee shop and a gift shop. Dreamy Camera Café’s owner, Park Sung-hwan, is a veteran, coffee, and photo enthusiast, but his main goal for his cafe is for people to sit down and share their dreams with one another (hence the “Dreamy”).

Chillout Ice Lounge (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

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Chillout Ice Lounge takes the idea of iced coffee to an entirely new level. Upon entering the winter wonderland, each customer receives a complimentary welcome beverage. They recommend their hot chocolate, which is served in a temperature-controlled mug to help keep you warm. Nevertheless, don’t forget your jacket: Chillout Ice Lounge is kept at an average of negative six degrees Farenheit!

Heritage Bicycles General Store (Chicago, Illinois)

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Want liquid energy? Craving some dessert? Need your bike tire changed? You’ll never find a coffee shop with better service than the Heritage Bicycles General Store. Here, you can enjoy a menu replete with homemade beverages and goodies, while a team of mechanics helps you with your bike troubles. Even if your bike is functioning properly, head on over to check out their retail selection, featuring brand selections to excite athletes of all levels.  

Ki Café (Tokyo, Japan)

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If you appreciate minimalism, you’ll definitely love Ki Cafe. The shop consists of white tables, chairs, and flooring, complemented by makeshift black trees. Customers are able to use the branches to hang their purses, backpacks, and coats, making it the perfect on-the-go coffee stop. Ki Cafe serves as a quiet respite in the middle of a bustling city, making it the perfect place to slow down and relax for a moment.

Blue Cat Café (Austin, Texas)

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With an all-inclusive “kitty cover charge” of just $5, Blue Cat Café is guaranteed to mold even the hardest of hearts into cat lovers. While you enjoy your coffee, cats roam around the shop and may even come up to greet you. If you end up falling in love, don’t worry…the shop doubles as an adoption center, so you can bring your new friend home with you! Your trip to Austin wouldn’t be complete without trying some delicious Texan tacos down the street.

28 Café (Lisbon, Portugal)

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The 28 Café lives up to its name. A model of the tram 28, the coffee shop offers a look back into Lisbon’s history. You’ll want to get there early, as the cafe only contains 23 seats and 13 standing ones. On their website, the owners promise a perfect replica with everything but the infamous pickpockets!

Whether you love or hate coffee and happen to find yourself traveling in any of the aforementioned areas, give these shops a try! You’re guaranteed to love the menu and the experience.


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