7 Top Credit Cards in India for Women

7 Top Credit Cards in India for Women

The question today is not who is going to let them but who is going to stop them. The talk all around the world right now is about empowering our women. Not because they aren’t empowered right now but they deserve a lot more credit than they usually get. A woman is capable of fulfilling her responsibilities well and she can do it in heels. Society needs to give them better opportunities by ensuring they have access to things they need for growth. Women have individual needs and purchase patterns, their credit cards should be their best friends on this journey, encouraging and supporting them throughout.

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Many banks in India are doing just that, they have top credit cards in India designed exclusively for women. These credit cards with their unique features ensure that women will have the best time in doing what they love. Women shop online and offline, purchase groceries, book various tickets, etc. This makes them ideal target customers for owing top credit cards in India with the best features.

Benefits of owning the top credit cards in India for women

  • Rewards and occasional cashback on these credit cards for more savings
  • Better services from  banks that offer credit cards exclusively for women to help manage their finances
  • These cards often come with category-specific discounts that make things affordable
  • Women can continue shopping without having to worry about exceeding the card limit at authorized shopping centers
  • Customer services are more women-oriented

There are several kinds of cards available like shopping cards, co-branded cards, travel cards and so many more. It can be a hectic task to decide amongst so many choices. Recognizing this difficulty, we have compiled a list of top credit cards in India for women to make the decision much easier for all the women out there.

List of 7 Top Credit Cards in India for Women

  1. HDFC Solitaire

It is a commonly known fact that women love to shop. It can be for home necessities or things for personal comfort, women like having multiple options to chose from. HDFC Solitaire focuses on just that, making shopping fun and rewarding. It helps them save money with added reward bonuses, making shopping a wonderful experience. Some of the salient features of the card are:

  • 3 reward points on every Rs. 150 purchase
  • Spending on groceries or dining gives 50% more reward points
  • Get vouchers worth Rs. 1000 on total spends of Rs. 75,000 in every 6 months
  • For the travel lovers, the redeemed points can be transferred as air miles in Singapore Airlines and Jet Airways
  • Reward points can be recovered to cover the outstanding amount on the credit card, 100 point equals to Rs. 20
  1. American Express Payback Credit Card

This credit card offers tempting and pocket-friendly Payback deals. These payback points can be used at stores or payback partners. Some of the key benefits of the card are:

  • Cardholders can waiver the annual fees by spending Rs. 1,50,000 a year
  • Earn 2 points on every Rs. 100 purchase apart from fuel, insurance, utilities, and cash transactions
  • Get paybacks on shopping at multiple payback partners
  1. Standard Chartered Inner Circle Premium

The bank offers a unique loyalty program for Standard Chartered Inner Circle Platinum Credit Card. Recognized by 19 million Visa and MasterCard establishments, this card is one of the top credit cards in India. Women who love to shop and travel, this if the perfect fit for them. Some of the salient features of this credit card are:

  • No annual charge or renewal fee
  • Get 9x reward points on every Rs. 100 spends on Lifestyle and other Inner Circle affiliated stores
  • 5% cashback on grocery shopping
  • Get vouchers worth Rs. 2,500 from Lifestyle
  • Reward redemption can be doe through Inner Circle
  1. Citibank Rewards Cards

Reward points are accumulated at an accelerated rate. These can be redeemed in exchange for dining, traveling, shopping, or other purchases. These points don’t expire and can be used much later for expensive purchases. Some of the key features are:

  • 10 reward points on every Rs. 125 spend on apparels and department stores, get 1 point on every Rs. 125 on other purchases
  • Get 2,500 points on card activation
  • Instant redemption at selected stores
  • Dining with card gives a 20% discount on selected 1000 restaurants throughout the country
  1. ICICI Bank Coral Credit Cards

It comes with a double reward point system for the shopaholic in you. Here are some features and benefits as rare as the name suggests:

  • 2x reward points for grocery shopping and dining
  • Cardholders can waiver the annual fees by spending Rs. 1,25,000
  • Minimum 15% discount on select 800 restaurants
  1. Kotak Silk Inspire

It focuses on making women independent and doesn’t require any income proof to sanction the request. Features of the card are:

  • 5x reward points on every Rs. 100 spent
  • If stolen, cardholders can get a cover for up to Rs. 75,000 against fraud transactions
  • 2.5% fuel surcharge waiver
  1. Standard Chartered DigiSmart

Best fit for women who prefer shopping online, the card offers multiple perks shopping- from traveling to dining. Some salient features of the card are:

  • 20% on Myntra once in a month with Maximum limit Rs. 700
  • 10% on Grofers 5 times in a month with Max. limit Rs. 1000
  • 20% discount on domestic flights and 10% on International flights with Yatra

Make the best out of your shopping spree with the top credit cards in India for women!

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