7 Things You Can Do to Give Back to the Community

7 Things You Can Do to Give Back to the Community
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There are a ton of things you can do to give back to the community. People will always need help, and your generosity will make a difference. With enough people working together, a positive community becomes the best part of life.  

1. Take A Leadership Role

Become a leader and bolster the number of ending child trafficking organizations to donate to. When you’re unsatisfied with the leadership in your community, run for office. Local elections are often underfunded and unappreciated with how much they impact the community. A leadership role for a local leads to the most common problems getting fixed instead of ignored. 

2. Mentor

The big brother and sister program is still one of the most recognizable youth mentoring organizations in the world. There are plenty of children, but not enough ‘bigs’ to take on the role in its vast mentoring network. With such an uneven number, each new big counts as a huge improvement to the system. 

3. Recycle

Recycling has a lot of benefits beyond a cleaner neighborhood. Communities that have an active recycling program have less predators, strays and bugs. All three of these things are attracted to trash left out on the road. If more people recycle, it will free up resources in other programs that are forced to combat the effects of people not recycling. 

4. Volunteer

Programs are always looking for volunteers to give their time. These community programs are often understaffed, and fail to meet their daily goals. Even if you volunteer an hour of your time per day, it can have a significant impact. There are no mandatory limits, so volunteering will always work around your schedule. 

5. Support Local Businesses

There is nothing wrong with going to a chain of businesses that offer a good deal. However, there are a lot of local businesses that offer even better deals than their big brand competitors. When the price is right, the name of the store should never matter. Research the local businesses in your area and you may find the deal of a lifetime. 

6. Donate

When your time is limited, donating money or clothes is the next best thing. Goodwill and thrift stores are the main place people think of when donating their items. This is great for getting items at a nice price, but not good for getting items into the hands of people in need. Look for charities in your area that support a specific cause. These charities don’t market themselves, so some of the names on the list will be surprising.  

7. Share Good News

With so much negativity dominating the airwaves, sharing good news has become a rarity. Positivity is infectious, and can provide an entire community with energy. Share good news with friends, neighbors and family members whenever possible. 

Caring is Sharing

It’s important to put yourself in someone else’s shoes to understand their situation.  Sharing will never go out of style for a community in need. As long as someone is willing to give, the cycle of help can always continue. 

Christie Lewis
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