7 Projects You Shouldn’t Try to DIY

7 Projects You Shouldn’t Try to DIY

DIY television shows make people believe doing anything from taking a sledgehammer to a wall to baking a 10-tier wedding cake takes no more experience than enduring a few commercial breaks. But, as the old saying goes, kids, don’t try this at home.

Professionals require licenses for a reason — it takes specialized training, sacrifice and practice to hone their crafts. But while few people harm themselves building a birdhouse, assuming they now possess sufficient carpentry genius to construct a 10th-story balcony can lead to disaster. Stay smart and safe by sticking to the pros when it comes to projects requiring the following kinds of heavy lifting.

1. Waxing

Those flexible enough to shave their bikini area should have no problem waxing it, right? Not exactly. Hot wax can stick to and burn delicate skin and can even lead to scarring or loss of sensation in severe cases. Even DIY lip waxes can prove problematic, so just go to the salon.

2. Playing Stylist

  1. Remember the devastating feeling of watching a beloved doll go bald while getting her first (and only!) haircut? While human hair does grow back, few enjoy looking ridiculous until it does. Let a stylist do her job!

3. Fixing Leaky Pipes

Got flood insurance? It may prove necessary when messing with the pipes that deliver water in and out of homes. Call a plumber now, and make “crack” jokes later instead of ending up needing hip waders to navigate your basement.

4. Mending a Leaky Roof

Those not living in Hobbit houses should leave most roof repairs to the pros. Mistakes can prove costly. Falling 20 feet onto hard concrete even more so.

5. Playing Herbie the Elf

Yes, dental visits prove expensive even with insurance, but guess what costs even more? Landing in the hospital with sepsis after trying to extract a tooth via the hillbilly plier’s method. Toothaches should equal a trip to the dentist — no exceptions.

6. Repairing Anything Electrical

In the movies, jump starting anything is as simple as touching wire A to wire B. But electric shocks can kill. When either home or auto electrical systems go awry, call in a certified technician.

7. Representing Yourself in Court

First-year law students (and viewers of “Law and Order”) know the saying: “A man who represents himself in court has a fool for a client.” The saying became cliché for good reason.

Most lawyers truly aren’t shysters. They are instead experts on not just legal concepts but also on following strict procedural methods that, if forgotten, can let guilty parties walk free while innocent ones gaze in shock and horror. Whether personal freedom or substantial sums of money are at stake, call in the suits!

DIY Responsibly

Everyone enjoys the feeling of satisfaction that comes from accomplishing something new. But certain jobs fall into the specialty category for a reason. So, go ahead and sear that salmon steak yourself, but leave the puffer fish prep to the sushi chef.

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