7 Housewarming Ideas to Make your Married Brother Feel at Home

7 Housewarming Ideas to Make your Married Brother Feel at Home

Each time one of your brothers gets married, it will change the family dynamic you knew. Your whole future now involves a new person to whom your brother has married. 

Finding a housewarming idea that would make your brother feel welcomed in the new home, other than the home where you and he were raised together can have significant impact. More so when it’s Raksha Bandhan, and you meet your brother, who is now married and settled with his wife, who is a sister-in-law to you. 

Here are the 7 Housewarming ideas to help you make your Married Brother Feel at Home with you while also invitinghim and his in the celebration of Raksha Bandhan:

1. Traditional Urli Bowl for Rakhi:

The enchanting craft made out of brass metal comes in a finished golden hue. Add a touch of aesthetic with the lovely Urali Bowl for Homely Rakhi. This feature would bring grandness to all things in great detail around it and appear as a perfect addition to any home with Raksha Bandhan decor.

2. Powerful Idol of Nandi Cow for Rakhi:

The strength of Nandi the Cow on a Rakhi Thread is a very sacred Rakhi design. Make sure when you send Bracelet Rakhi Online from Rakhi Bazaar that it is made of pure metal, such as gold and silver, to combine the benefits of a Nandi cow idol sculpted usually in beautiful brass or marble is believed to guardian of Mount Kailash of Lord Shiva the Destroyer of Darkness.

3. Refreshing Houseplants:

This is a perfect housewarming gift and can really bring a new home to life. When you have your brother bring his wife to his parent’s new home, gift them an ornamental houseplant of their taste. You can plant the assortment arrangement together instead of treating your brother like a guest on Raksha Bandhan.

4. Unique Lord Ganesh Water Fountain:

When starting a new home or celebrating, it’s important to begin by placing a Lord Ganesh figurine. His blessings bring love, playfulness, and devotion. If you’re inviting your married brother for Raksha, placing the Ganesh water fountain would create a sacred atmosphere. Position it in the courtyard or veranda where the cool air can carry the refreshing vibes of the fountain.

5. Wood Figures Religion Wall Painting:

Finding strength through the course of action that, as said before, would define your relations with your sister-in-law. You may want to buy Lumba Rakhi for bhabhi in the most stunning collection of elegant and best presentable Latkan Lumba rakhi to become a gesture of your heartfelt acceptance with an earth wooden figure of her faithful God carved in wood painting for the loveable Raksha Bandhan celebration.

6. Throw a Family Recipes Potluck:

After marriage, when your brother is creating a life to share with your sister-in-law. Now, it’s as if two families are coming together. In their different sets of rules, you can come together to the dishes of their favourite family deficit for the gathering. The contribution to enriching moments is to bring a favourite family recipe, and you can bask in that homey feeling in no time.

7. Classic Nostalgia of Traditional Sweets:

In Indian households, the tradition of ceremonially expression of gratitude and celebration begins with the offering of traditional Indian handmade sweets during the rakhi pooja and celebration. After tying the rakhi thread, the sister’s ceremonial fast concludes with a sweet given by her brother. 


In the end, you can also give a heartfelt greeting card to express your warmest wishes to your married brother and his wife on this occasion. Moving into a new home requires prayers during the Chaturmas period, which begins with Shravan Maas and falls in August. Bless your loving sibling’s new life and housewarming with them in this month of Rakhi. Buy designer Rakhi for brother and compliment with Online Rakhi gifts from Rakhi Bazaar to make it memorable.

Rohit Raina
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