7 Holiday Party Tips for Single Men

7 Holiday Party Tips for Single Men

Apart from Valentine’s Day, the holidays are the worst time of the year to be single. From being surrounded by loving couples and their families to grandma always asking over dinner your marriage plans, there is a constant stream of reminders to your single status.

Even though you’re going solo for the holidays, you can’t afford to wallow in self-pity. Appearing sad and miserable at every holiday event will only ensure that you stay single until the new year.

Instead, use this opportunity to improve yourself and meet new people. Here are seven tips to impress everyone at your next few events and potentially score a date while you’re at it:

Fill Up Your Schedule with Events

One of the benefits to being single is that you have no obligation to attend any events other than your office holiday party. However, this can be both a blessing and a curse.

A free schedule may sound nice in theory, but it can also remind you of your single status. Rather than stay holed up at home all alone, make plans and fill up your schedule with fun events and outings.

The parties won’t magically come to you, nor will the opportunities to meet other single people. By packing your schedule with holiday events, you’ll have no time to stress over your relationship status and be much happier for it.

Decide What to Wear Early

While it may sound over the top to pick your outfits out in advance, it’s a smart move on your part. A lot of men wait until the last minute and then show up to parties in clothes which are outdated or which no longer fit.

To look sharp at causal holiday events, go through your closet and swap out your old clothes for some fresh, seasonal looks. A timeless wool peacoat, a burgundy sweater over an Oxford shirt and a pair of dark wash denim with brown Chelsea boots will instantly elevate your look this holiday season.

For fancier holiday parties, dress to impress with a colored velvet blazer. Velvet blazers are currently having a big sartorial moment and fit right at home with fancy holiday party attire.

As you choose your attire, keep in mind that you aren’t trying to steal the spotlight with your style. It should be subtle enough that people first notice how amazing you look—not your clothes.

Don’t Wait to Start a New Grooming Regimen 

Another thing that you shouldn’t put off to the last minute is your grooming regimen. The night before your big holiday party isn’t the time to try out a new serum or aftershave balm.

Start with a basic skin care routine at least a week or two in advance of your holiday gatherings. To reduce the likelihood of skin reactions, find a men’s skin care routine that’s made for all skin types.

With a little TLC, you can reverse the effects of winter and get glowing skin in time for your biggest holiday events.

Understand Basic Party Etiquette

As a grown man, you’re now expected to know basic party etiquette. No one wants to be “that guy” at the party.

Here are a few common party fouls that guys often make at holiday parties:

Drinking too much and getting sloshed. You aren’t impressing any potential dates with this move. Enjoy the self-serve bar while knowing your limits.

Showing up empty handed. Always bring something unless you’re specifically asked not to. Mulled wine or some other festive booze is always appreciated.

Hanging around too long. Don’t be the last one to leave. Know when to take the hint and head home.

Not thanking the host. Hosting parties takes a lot of work. Be gracious and always thank your host.

Bringing up politics. There is a specific time and place for politics, and holiday parties aren’t one of them. 

Avoid Appearing Too Eager

Appearing desperate or overly eager isn’t going to land you any dates. If you’ve been talking with someone for less than five minutes and you’re already asking them what they’re doing after the party, you need to rethink your strategy.

Holiday parties are supposed to be a good time for everyone. If you’re only motive is to find a date, this is going to be obvious to everyone around you.

Besides, your host probably won’t appreciate you making his guests feel nervous with your not-so-subtle tactics. Instead, try to relax, have fun and focus on the conversation.

No Singles? Host Your Own Party

The problem with attending other holiday parties is that they’re often filled with couples. If you keep finding yourself in this predicament, consider hosting your own party.

Hosting your own party gives you the opportunity to invite a mix of both singles and couples. Plus, you can have a lot of fun with it by giving your party a unique theme and playing games that you normally wouldn’t at an office holiday party.

Overseeing the party also gives you the chance to widen your circle of friends. Single people often bring other singles as their plus one, which will expand your opportunity to meet new people.

Remember to Follow Up

If you made a connection with someone at a holiday party and they freely gave their contact information, don’t wait to follow up with them again. Contrary to popular belief, waiting a certain amount of days will only make the person more likely to forget about you.

Get in touch with them within 24 hours of the party. While this might seem early, keep in mind that you probably aren’t the only person she talked to at the party. Contacting her sooner rather than later is essential if you don’t want her to lose interest. 

In your text, keep things light and fun. Bring up something that you talked about the previous night to jog her memory of you.

If she seems receptive, ask her if she’d like to grab coffee. This is a casual, public space that won’t put any unnecessary pressure on the two of you.

Final Words

Being single during the holidays doesn’t need to be a drag. While it might seem like everyone has partnered up but you, there are plenty of other singles who are looking for a potential partner.

The key to hitting it off with someone is being happy with yourself first. By being the best version of yourself this holiday season, you’ll be more attractive and a happier person in general. 

Rohit Raina
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