7 Facts About Vape

7 Facts About Vape

Vaping has seen a rise in popularity in the US, especially since its introduction into the global marketplace in 2007. Instead of the traditional method of smoking pre-rolled cigarettes? E-cigarettes use a vapor form of liquid known as “e-juice” that heats the liquid with battery-powered coils, which is known around the world as vaping. The e-juice contains a variety of chemicals and flavored nicotine that traditional cigarette smokers are using to help them to get away from pre-rolled tobacco cigarettes.

Vaping devices include vape pens, e-cigarettes, and user modified devices known as MODS. The vape cartridges are connected to the electronic devices and once activated, they’re ready to use. Vape pens resemble fountain pens, and e-cigarettes resemble traditional cigarettes; however, both are sleek in design and convenient.
Although the word “vape” is now a household name that most people recognize, there are still those who don’t understand what vape is? With that in mind, let’s take a look at seven facts about vape that will shed some more light on the subject:

FACT #1: Premium E-Liquid Vape

About 85-95 percent of all e-liquid is made up with either Vegetable Glycerin (VG) or Propylene Glycol (PG) base as well as different nicotine levels that are based on consumer preferences and demand. The percentage of the ingredient’s flavoring base, as well as the base ingredients, do not fluctuate in regards to varying e-liquids; therefore, when it comes to being a premium e-liquid? It’s the flavoring ingredients that determine if an e-liquid is premium or not.

FACT #2: Low-Quality Vape

E-liquid flavors are robustly diverse in taste and quality. China is a prime candidate for supplying low-quality ingredients to manufacturers across the globe. Manufacturers use them to make their vaping products less expensive in order to stay within this competitive marketplace. The United States also has its share of low-quality manufacturers who supply companies with affordable ingredients throughout the world as well as many other countries. Although some vape ingredients may be low-quality, the global sales are astronomical.

FACT #3: E-Vape Bottles

The bottles that contain the vape e-liquids do make a difference. When the base is mixed with different flavors to make a finished product, the product itself should steep for at least a week to ensure the flavors and base are homogenized and evenly mixed. Experienced manufacturers will go a step further by submerging the e-liquid bottles in warm water. Although this adds labor and time to the manufacturing process, it ensures the e-liquid is properly mixed.

FACT #4: In-House Vape

There are certain vape manufacturers who believe in higher-quality products; therefore, their premium brands only utilize the best flavoring ingredients. There are a lot of manufacturers who are bypassing the wholesale route and designing their own in-house flavoring ingredients. This creates a unique product that certain vape consumers love; therefore, it doesn’t need to be mass produced. The product becomes a staple and a one-of-a-kind trademark of the manufacturer.

FACT #5: Vape’s a Legal US Product

Although there’s no statewide ban on vape, it is a legal product in the US; however, it’s prohibited on school property as well as most federal and state facilities. All other places including restaurants and bars are exempt from state regulations, and business owners may regulate vaping more strictly than the state. Across the globe, the legality of vape varies from country to country and is still prohibited in some.

FACT #6: Regulations of Vape

Vapes and e-cigarettes were unregulated by federal authorities ever since the 60s, which means that for over 50 years, vape and e-cigarette companies were exempt from disclosing information about the ingredients and registering their products with the FDA. Before this time, they did not need the FDA’s approval before selling them, but in 2016 the FDA stepped in, and now they’re regulated.

FACT #7: Underage Teens Are Buying Vape

There are a lot of underage teenagers who are going online and buying vape and e-cigarette products without their parent’s knowledge and getting away with it. What’s even more alarming is the number of teens who are walking into a vaping shop and walking out with vape products without retailers checking their ID.

Other Notable Vape Facts

Although research on vaping for pregnant women is almost nonexistent, experts warn the chemicals used in the manufacturing process of vape creates enough risk that women should stop while pregnant. According to the FDA and CDCP, between 2011 and 2015, the popularity of vape among high school students rose from 1.6 percent to 16 percent, and for middle school students, it has risen from 0.6 percent to nine percent.

The most popular type of vaping products are sleek, slim devices that look like a USB flash drive, which are very easy to conceal and hide. This helps to explain why vaping products are so popular among the nation’s youth. Every dose of vape contains about the equivalent of 5-6 drags off one traditional cigarette. One flavor cartridge or vape pod contains as much nicotine as an entire pack of traditional cigarettes.

Despite early optimism when modern vape products were first introduced in the late 2000s, they’ve become mainstream and part of our social society. Although there are health risks associated with vape just like traditional cigarettes, the mass appeal and consumer demand appear to outweigh the risks, especially among the youth.


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