7 Designer Must-Haves for On-The-Go Stylish Professionals

7 Designer Must-Haves for On-The-Go Stylish Professionals

The hustle and bustle of daily work life can be a challenge for some professionals who want to be consistently chic and stylish. It would, of course, be awesome to have an haute stylist at their disposal — ready with power outfits every morning. However, this is not the reality majority of career people face.

Therefore, the goal is to have a collection of five-star pieces in their style arsenal. These are clothing items and accessories that will not only lend great versatility to everyday dressing but a knockout punch of class as well. 

So, if you are in the process of building such a reliable collection for work, here is a roundup of designer must-haves to serve as your starter kit.

1. Saint Laurent Diamond Sunglasses

Saint Laurent Eyewear is a leader in unique frame designs. It combines the detailed craftsmanship of artisans and the quirky modern requirements of the present generation. 

And when it comes to unexpected protective spectacles design, the brand’s diamond sunglasses certainly meet the mark. They give off a playful and standout vibe but are professional enough to not diminish your credibility as a worker.  The Saint Laurent diamond sunglasses come in three colors — palladium, silver, and black.

2. Balenciaga Long-Sleeve Turtleneck

This stretchy top is designed by Demna Gvasalia who had a multitasking piece in mind. This all-rounder item is what every career woman’s wardrobe needs. It has a classic silhouette to serve as the perfect foundation for a standout ensemble

With this Balenciaga turtleneck that is both “minimalist and utilitarian,” you can gain the much-needed confidence to break out of your comfort zone for workwear and take fun, style risks one small step at a time. Pair it with a pretty silk neck bow or a colorful print silk scarf, and your favorite pants and jacket combo.

3. Gold Hoop Earrings

Every designer brand that has a jewelry line carries gold hoop earrings, so just take your pick from any of them. These simple accessories can quickly elevate or polish any outfit, be it a jeans and white shirt ensemble or an LBD. 

Hoop earrings are non-discriminating accessories. They look good on everybody. It does not matter whether you have a doll-like round-shaped face or a perfectly oval one, or whether you are young or mature. You can trust that these ear ornaments will flatter your features effortlessly.

4. Calvin Klein Slim Fit Jeans

These jeans provide a nice silhouette on both men and women, and they boast comfort and effortless style. Unlike skinny jeans, they can conceal a multitude of sins without making you look dowdy. Plus, you can style them in different ways.

You can fold them inward or outwards for a sexy, ankle-bearing length. You also have the option to wear a bigger size to fake a boyfriend jeans fit, which goes well with comfy tops to dainty blouses for casual Fridays at work, and even professional silk white blouses and structured blazers.

5. Bottega Veneta Black and Brown Boots

These 100 percent leather high-heel boots from the Italian luxury brand is one investment piece you will not regret. The color combo automatically makes these shoes perfect for any hue of outfit for work. On top of that, the pointy toes create the illusion that you are taller and leaner.

Although these boots have high-heels, they are not ridiculously high that you’ll be dying to get out of them once you reach your work desk. The heels are the perfect height to straighten your back and give your walk a nice and confident bounce.

6. Givenchy Oversized Shirt Dress

The Givenchy oversized shirt dress is another fabulous multitasking piece that will not just serve you on so many occasions but for a long time as well. It’s sleek and made of blue cotton that looks smashing on everybody. Best of all, it’s a shapeless button-down dress.

The main advantage of shapeless dresses is that you can get creative with them. You can use them as a layering piece, layer on top of them, pair with trousers, and cinch them in the waist with a chunky sash or belt to accentuate your figure. 

7. Prada Large Ouverture Tote Bag

This bag is large and in-charge. It can hold all your essentials and several other things that you may need for your work. The Prada Ouverture has a lot of room inside. It can serve as your life bag, but since it is well-structured, it will hold its handsome shape even if it’s bursting from having so many items inside.

There you have it, seven luxury designer pieces that you can rely on as part of your unwaveringly chic WOOTD (work outfit of the day) ensemble. 

What other pieces do you wish to add?

Rohit Raina
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