Party Prep: 6 Tips For Hosting The Classiest Cocktail Party

Party Prep: 6 Tips For Hosting The Classiest Cocktail Party

Cocktail parties were all the rage in the 60s and 70s, and now they are back! They are the perfect occasion for hosting friends, family members, potential clients, or even just as a boujee treat for you and your partner. 

Of course, you want to host a proper soirée and not a flaccid failure. Thankfully, there are some savvy methods you can use to ensure your event is flawless. Here are six tips to help you host the classiest cocktail party: 

Make Fantastic Cocktails

It might seem obvious, but sometimes all the frills of a cocktail party can take the attention away from the heart of the occasion – the drinks. So, go posh and use the best vermouth for negronis, the highest quality garnishes, and the finest mixers you can afford. 

Get this aspect of your cocktail party right, and even if everything else goes wrong, people will remember the event favorably. It is, after all, far easier to have a sense of humor about a disastrous situation if you have a perfect cocktail in hand!  

Go Fast And Loose With An Amuse- Bouche 

An amuse-bouche is a one-bite hors d’oeuvre, and they are very much in fashion at the moment. So if you want your cocktail party to be the classiest shindig on the block, it’s worth hiring a catering company or getting creative in the kitchen yourself. 

If you are not serving dinner, aim to provide a steady stream of hors d’oeuvres every hour, making the final selection sweet to signal the winding down of the event. 

Splash Out On Sophisticated Entertainment

The cheapest entertainment you can provide is some background music on a speaker system. If you take this route, it needs to be a carefully created list of music that compliments your event. If you do have a bit of a budget, though, consider hiring a quartet, singer, or pianist who can provide some beautiful background music for your cocktail party. 

Provide Mocktails

There is nothing classy about anybody at the party getting boozy and making a show of themselves. It will instantly take the tone of the party down. This is meant to be a sophisticated affair, not a rager, so do offer mocktails and fresh iced lemon water. Keep an eye out for guests who are starting to get a bit too rowdy, and tactfully show up with an alcohol-free “cocktail” you made just for them. 

Help People To Be Social

The number of US adults with social anxiety disorder is approaching 10% of the population. Post-pandemic, and with social media sitting central to many daily interactions, many of us are struggling to know how to hold a conversation with actual humans these days. 

A great cocktail party depends on great social interaction, so if you can help people connect, introduce a few talking points, or host some parlor games, you’ll boost the social interaction of your guests and therefore enhance the overall atmosphere of your event. 

Serve Coffee At The End

This is a classy touch that helps you signal the end of your cocktail party in a sophisticated way. It will help perk up your guests as they fumble their way to their taxis. Consider buying top-quality beans from a local coffee roastery and making delicious barista-style coffees as a showpiece. 

“I call everybody darling because I can’t remember their names.” – Zsa Zsa Gabor

Your cocktail event is bound to be classy, sophisticated, and memorable if you follow the tips above. Just remember to have a bit of fun yourself, darling – it is a party after all! 

Rohit Raina
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