6 Simple Tips for Planning Your First International Vacation

6 Simple Tips for Planning Your First International Vacation

Are you taking your first international trip? Oh you have a long checklist to prepare, so many boxes to tick!

You are probably very excited! You also likely have many questions constantly running through your head about international travel. Take a look at these six simple tips that will help you plan for your first international vacation, ensuring that it is a success! 

Gather all Your Documents

When traveling across borders, there are several different documents that you will need to have in hand. To begin, you will need a passport in order to enter a new country. Make sure your passport is up to date a few months before your trip. Make copies of your license, passport, travel itinerary and any other documents your visiting countries may require (check the countries government website to see what else you may need). Email yourself copies of each and store the originals in a safe place- make sure to have them on you at all times (never in your carry on!). 

Consider Various Lodging Options

Booking a stay is probably one of the most fun parts about international travel. You have so many lodging options that you can choose from to make your trip perfectly suited to your personal desires. Look into all-inclusive resorts if you want to have everything catered to you. Check personal rentals like Airbnb for a more intimate international visit. Shop around as you likely have a lot of choices!

Know The Exchange Rates

When traveling abroad, you want to be sure to have at least a little of the local currency on hand. It is a good idea to exchange some of your cash before you even take off so that you are ready to go when you arrive at your destination. Before you exchange your money, take a look at the CBA exchange rates so that you know what a good, fair exchange rate is. Then, find an online vendor with low fees and make your currency exchange. If you have time, look at the exchange rate a few times before you exchange your currency to watch the trends and convert you cash when the rates are favorable. 

Notify Your Bank and Credit Card Companies

While using cash is always a great idea, you may need to use your credit card or debit cards when abroad. Be sure to call your bank and credit card companies in advance to let them know you will be traveling abroad. This will prevent your card from being turned off due to unusual activity. 

Travelling documents to keep in mind before setting off

Check Baggage Rules

Every airline has different rules regarding luggage. Check your airline and be sure that your baggage meets the criteria. Also see if your airline charges you to check bags as you want to be prepared to pay this fee if necessary. 

Check Your Cell Phone

Some cell phones may work internationally while others will have very high rates and fees for any calls or internet usage while abroad. Talk to your provider and see if you can add a temporary international plan to your phone. You may also want to consider getting a temporary phone to use instead, paying a flat rate for your trip. You will definitely want to stay connected to your family and friends and have a phone that works overseas! 

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