6 Reasons Why Shazia Ilmi Has Shamed & Embarrassed Aam Aadmi Party (Rightly)

6 Reasons Why Shazia Ilmi Has Shamed & Embarrassed Aam Aadmi Party (Rightly)

The day had to come, sooner or later, when somebody from AAP was to leak out the appalling politics that goes on within the party. Somebody had to make some revelations for the world to see and feel disgusted by! And who better than one of the senior-most leaders of AAP, Shazia Ilmi, who resigned today from all her party positions.


And on her way to resign from the party, Shazia made sure she didn’t go silently, and spilled some serious beans and slung a lot of mud on the party she has been one of the founding members of.

  1. “I feel the party (AAP) is not moving in a good direction, I see NO HOPE. I hope my departure makes them introspect” Did you see that? She sees “No hope”. Not even little hope, just plain no hope. Well, we don’t see any hope either! And no, they won’t introspect. They don’t believe anything can be wrong with them. It’s only fools like us who raise questions.
  2. “Arvind has shot the messenger, I was consistently sidelined in the party.” Oh, he shot everyone who contradicted him – the fact that he did the same to his own party members is news!
  3. “My decision to leave the party is triggered by the lack of inner-party democracy, especially from a party that constantly talks of Swaraj (self rule),” And we thought despite of everything they said and they did, they were there for upholding the values of Swaraj.
  4.  “Dharnas and demonstrations were helpful earlier on but now they are not, people don’t like it “– Really? And we thought that was the first and the last trick in the tool-box of Aam Aadmi Party and its founding members of the likes of you.
  5. “I raised questions on ticket distribution in the party (AAP) and the roles given to different leaders”– That’s what the AAP supporters were denying ever so vehemently with an excuse that Kejriwal was still being more ‘firm’ and sure who he was giving the tickets to.
  6. “Feel sad in saying that I am resigning from AAP” – Good for you! The feelings aren’t mutual though!

Be that as it may, Ilmi’s resignation is an end to the misery of a lot of people

Authored by: Rohit Raina

Team LM
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