6 Minimalistic Ways to Make Life Better

6 Minimalistic Ways to Make Life Better

Tad bit funny how I threw off my non-minimalistic mind while reading on minimalism. After skimming through content studded with rules after rules on minimalistic lifestyle, my hoarder brain was convinced minimalism wasn’t our cup of tea. 

Splash of vibrant and intense hues running along the walls make my jaws drop. Handpicked artifacts adorning the shelfs nudge creative vibes all around my head. And my hold over old possessions are stronger than a toddler’s grasp on someone’s pinky!

And yet, minimalism caught my fancy in subtle ways. You see, every school of thought has something enticing to offer. To cut to the chase, minimalism involves making space for the things that are important to you and nourish your soul. 

The road to that is dotted with sacrifices. That’s not our concern presently as this article isn’t an attempt to convert you into a minimalist.

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Just that being an organizing junkie, their impeccable organizational skills and zeal for simplicity spilled over a little into my life.

Ever felt like shaking off unnecessary baggage which are dragging you down? That’s one way of minimalism! 

Plucking out and listing below 6 ways from the minimalistic lifestyle that can fill some everlasting comfort into your fast-paced life. 

1. Decluttering and organizing

6 Minimalistic Ways to Make Life Better

One cannot possibly overlook decluttering, something minimalists swear by. Before you develop cold feet recalling how minimalists live off just the basics, I’d suggest you to hold your horse!

Fret not, you don’t have to lose your snuggly little teddy bear that stays in a corner of your room. Some may argue it isn’t serving a purpose but to you, the teddy is a world of comfort amidst uncertainties. 

Like memory laden goodies, duplicates have their place in a household. Minimalists aren’t big on the idea of duplicates either. Their possessions come off their uses, value in the holder’s life and whether they can be done away with. 

Good for us, we aren’t adopting minimalism, just borrowing a few of their ideas for an easy flowing lifestyle!

The Declutter

Start off by walking around your house, taking stock of all the belongings. Alternatively, you could choose a room or a shelf a day. Make a note of what you could do without. 

Such belongings are useless in life, bringing down the energy of your home and clogging space around. 

Many studies suggest cutting through the clutter unclogs mental chaos aside from giving a breathing space to your home by tidying it up. Donations, garage sales, online sales are ways to systematically materialize the declutter. 


Would you feel like dropping by your beloved stores if their products are thrown together and crammed up? 

Fancy perfume bottles being dusty and seated amidst mugs, upscale dresses dangling off from shelfs while ruffled up trousers are strewn across the floor. 

Yikes. You’d dash out of the store in a heartbeat!

Homes are on the same lines. Organizing is a tedious one-time process that reap lifelong benefits. Organizing involves dedicating a space for everything in the household and then following through with the arrangement. 

For instance, acquiring separate holders or a drawer for different kitchenware has a calming effect on the mind. 

Stacks of dishes, ladles, spoons, glasses, saucers, and the like make it easy for every member to find them. Apart from time saving, keeping things tidy, it calms the nerve down as there won’t be much yelling for, where have you kept this?!

2. Utilizing space 

6 Minimalistic Ways to Make Life Better

Look through the pictures showcasing minimalist homes and you’ll realise that minimalists are an efficient bunch when it comes to space utilization. It is intriguing if you think about it. 

They start off with decluttering, bringing down the number of their possessions. It often brings an urgent need to make most of what is available at their disposal lest their everyday life would encounter severe disruptions. 

After a while, they become so seasoned with space management that they happily downsize and shift to smaller apartments. Not our goal, but we definitely are eyeing this efficiency. 

Many minimalists have suggested taking baby steps and keeping an open mind to embrace some unconventional means as well for brightening up your home. 

For example, the window seals and the wall running adjacent to a staircase could house family photos as seen in many works of popular cinema. Additionally, the age-old tradition of buying furniture with storage facilities could be another way to store away your comforters and blankets till the chill in the air returns.

Likewise, a chest of drawer with a fancy design can take the décor of your home several notches up while offering concealed space for storage. 

3. Mindful purchases 

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Many purchases burn a hole in your pocket and later on much to your horror, they leave a negative return on investment. The wretched guilt so followed intensifies each time your gaze hovers around them!

Mindful purchase is a holistic way of keeping a tab on spending as well as choosing peace and simplicity over materialism. 

Minimalists would not splurge 10 lacs on a car if they are fine with availing public transport. And if at all they make a purchase, they’d choose a stable, reliable and reasonable car of around 5 lacs. 

The idea is quite simple. 

If the set of metal glasses available at the cheaper rates are serving their purpose and meeting all their expectations, why to splurge on a fancy piece of crockery that is going to add to their stress?

They’d have to be handled with utmost care being endowed with fragility. Now who has time to be that careful in everyday life? And what if someone knocks them over the counter, they’d have to make another purchase anyway.

Mindful purchases, paying attention to their utility and conscious consumption definitely cut down stress and add more comfort to the mind. 

4. Not wasting food 

When most minimalistic are that particular about their mind and homes, their bodies fall next in line. They treat it with reverence and are watchful of what they are putting into their bodies.

6 Minimalistic Ways to Make Life Better

They try to eat fresh most times by utilizing perishable purchases first. But it’s quite obvious that for the working population it is a strenuous task which they wouldn’t be able to stick to for long. Preparing meals in batches would be inevitable.

For batch preparations, most minimalists cook in measured proportions to avoid surplus that may take up space in the fridge. 

Sometimes, people forget about the stored dish from the other night and later on throw them away in the trash upon them turning stale. Wasting food is a sin with rampant poverty around the globe. 

Another way of avoiding food wastage could be not ordering in when the food is lying in the storage or fridge. 

5. The thing about wardrobe

6 Minimalistic Ways to Make Life Better

Not asking you to get rid of everything or practice one in one out rule. One can even hold those stunning pair of expensive heels that they’re still hoping to get a chance to walk down in!

But allowing some simplicity into your wardrobe can work wonders in easing your everyday what to wear struggles. For example, owning items that go with most things help make quick decisions when in a hurry. Likewise, certain colours work with most attires, as such collecting them is a worthy investment.

  1. Lights and plants 

Minimalistic rooms are usually well lit with green plants adorning shelfs and corners. They are eye-warming, cover the ambience in upscale looks and purify the indoor air. 

If you bring that into your home, some may grow envious of its luxurious appearance!

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