6 Lies Exposed- Has Kangana Ranaut Been Lying All Along?

6 Lies Exposed- Has Kangana Ranaut Been Lying All Along?

Probing the seemingly never ending saga of affairs between Kangana Ranaut, Hrithik Roshan and Adhyayan Suman.

How can you not like her! An actor so natural that when you watch her perform, she stops being an actor and becomes a woman we grew up with or around. What every actor strives for, Kangana Ranaut achieves that by crawling under the skin of the characters she is playing. The sad part being, she is even playing those characters off screen, and we’re totally falling for it.

Kangana Ranaut, this generation’s flagbearer of gender equality, may well be a master manipulator, representing everything that’s wrong with the brand of feminism making waves today. I leave that for you to judge.


But unlike Kangana, I’m not going to base my arguments on rhetoric and clever wordplay; I’m going to base my arguments on solid facts. So here you go:

Before you read further, CLICK here to read the lies and propaganda of Kangana Ranaut in the Sushant Singh Rajput case.

1. Kangana morphed her pictures with Hrithik to prove their affair

How would you judge a man who morphs his photos with a woman to make it look like  she was romantically involved with him? Not very kindly, I wager. In this case, it was gender reversal. Kangana morphed a picture of her and Hrithik and leaked it to the media as an alleged proof that Hrithik Kangana were had an affair. Of course, we jumped the bandwagon and labelled Hrithik who got recently divorced from Suzanne a cheating, lying husband who betrayed his wife and then the other woman.

But just then, that victim wife of his, Suzanne Roshan revealed that pictures released by Kangana’s team were fake. She put out the real pictures. Have a good look at them below:

Morphed Picture released by Kangana Ranaut

Original pictures released by Suzanne Roshan

By blurring out the other person who was part of the picture, Kangana made her intentions clear. She is going to use every dirty trick in the book. How did our intellectuals miss this detail?

But come to think of it, if they had an affair, they did not take even a single picture together? Kangana had to morph one to produce one. They didn’t click any picture even after Hrithik got divorced? Or did he decide “Alright, I’ve got a divorce from my wife. Now that I don’t have to hide my affair, let me just end the affair too and dump the other woman I took the divorce for. Because, logic.

2. Right before her phones and laptop were to be inspected by forensics, they fell into water

Cyber forensics in April’16 put out a report that they examined Hrithik’s electronic devices, including his phones and laptops, but didn’t find any evidence of Hrithik Roshan ever replying to Kangana Ranaut emails, or even accessing them. He either ignored them or flagged them as spam. It was then communicated to Kangana that her laptop and phones have to be inspected. But right after that communication, all these devices fell into water and she threw them away. Yes, I am not making it up. Kangana did not submit any proof of their relationship and rather indulged in what is called destruction of evidence, for which a man would have been sent to jail.

Quoting from a report, “The report, given to cops on April 19, conducted by a private cyber security agency had collected Hrithik’s Apple laptop and other electronic assets, at his request, on April 14, and run a two-day cyber forensics. It concluded that the actor never used or accessed any email ID from the ’email.com’ servers.”

“We found no digital footprints nor any fingerprint …The digital evidences were intact, not forged.” There was no existence of any means for any hacking, said the report. It said only images of Kangana, barring a few related to their films, were “the ones sent as attachments to him on email…directly from her iPhone 5s...to be in a relationship of sorts…” and significantly added, “it is analyzed that Hrithik Roshan did not entertain the emails nor accessed them until recently for forensics analysis.”

These are not my lines, for the record.

What’s more, cyber forensics were to inspect Kangana’s laptop and her phone on April 30, 2016. You know what they found out? Nothing! Because her phone and laptop astonishingly fell into water right before the investigation. I shudder to imagine if Hrithik had come up with a same kind of excuse, how we would have burnt him on social media.

(Thanks for contributing, Neha Khanna)

3. Lie: Hrithik and Kangana Got Engaged in Paris in Jan’14

Fact: Hrithik’s Passport proved he wasn’t even in Paris at the time

One of the the stock arguments by Kangana was that Kangana-Hrithik got engaged in Paris. But upon investigation, it was revealed that Hrithik wasn’t even in Paris at the time. A report from DNA said, “Hrithik has been to Paris just once. It was for two days during transit with his two sons. He was not in Paris in January 2014. The timelines don’t match. They were not in the city at the same time, at any point.” Of course Hrithik, like a true criminal mastermind from Dhoom 2, got all the proofs erased, or so claimed Kangana!

Againyou got engaged to Hrithik in Paris, Kangana? And yet, there is no picture of that 7 year courtship period or that engagement except for that photoshopped one?

4. “I felt naked when those emails were leaked, but I didn’t write them; Hrithik wrote those to himself”

Alright, a lot of flip-flop here. So Kangana Ranaut claims in Rajeev Masand’s show that Hrithik wrote all those emails to himself, but then why did she “feel naked” when they were out in the public.

While attending Reebok’s Fight to Fit awards back in Nov’16, Kangana had this to say, “This speech is dedicated to the letters of a lover which were brutally exposed to the world. How did I feel as a human being? Every letter that you write to your lover holds a lot of vulnerability. You are exposing a part of your soul or yourself, not to the world, but to an individual,”

Adding, “I felt extremely naked in front of the world. I cried for nights in my room and the worse is the most of it was not even the genuine stuff. People made fun of me. Even today I become the butt of jokes when I sit with my friends. But I never answered to that brutality with the same sort of spirit and I see myself as a winner there.”

So if she did not write those 1400 unanswered emails to Hrithik, what was “brutally exposed” to the world that made her cry at nights?

Also, if they were actually in a relationship, why would Hrithik need to hack into her account to send all those emails? Isn’t that self-contradictory on Kangana’s part? Because it only proves Hrithik is a stalker here, even though Kangana’s who case rests on the argument that they were in a relationship.

5. Fact: Adhyayan Suman DID NOT Call Kangana a Witch

Adyayan Suman in his blog and his interviews made it amply clear that he DOES NOT believe in black magic and other superstitions. All that man said was that Kangana used to take him to all these astrologers and Babas and made him do crazy stuff.

In Adhyayan’s words, “One day, Kangana called me at home in the night to do some puja. I reached at 11.30 pm as the puja was to start at 12. She had a small guest room in her apartment and she had covered it in black, including black curtains. There were some random statues of God, fire all around, some scary things (kept) puja. She asked me to chant some mantras, and locked me in. I was terrified. I didn’t do it and I came out and told her that I had. Then she started taking me to Pallavi frequently. One day, Pallavi said go to the graveyard at 12 am and throw these certain things. I was chilled to the bone! I didn’t go.”

Does that sound like he claimed he was under a spell? No. They only conclusion you can draw here is that Kangana believed in black magic and tried to use it on him. Thanks to the twisted narrative by the likes of Barkha Dutt, Adhyayan Suman into a joke overnight.

6. Kangana, a 49 kg woman can perfectly slap a 95 kg man. Suman did not claim you gave him a chokeslam!

So in Aap ki Adalat, Kangana refuted Adhyayan Suman’s claim that she used to physically harass her by making this joke, “how could a 49 kg girl beat up a 95 kg man?” Really Kangana? So a man and woman need to weight equal or close for the woman to slap and push around the man? In all fairness, it was extremely decent of this 95 kg man to not hit back at you after being slapped and humiliated.

But here’s what takes the cake: “I couldn’t hit him since he is so big, but now that I think about it, *I should have hit him.* Well, I find it impossible to imagine a man, who’s accused of hitting his wife/girlfriend, making a statement like that and getting away. “My wife is lying that I used to hit her. But now that I think of it, I should have been hitting her for real.” Are we to find this “passing joke” funny? A joke made on the alleged victim of physical and mental harassment? Yes, but only if the person making this joke is a woman.

7. Mixing Menstrual Blood in Food is Not Feminism, it’s Sick

Again Adhyayan Suman did not call menstrual blood impure. These were his exact words, “My mother was very worried and she called the family’s Panditji to come home and meet me. The first thing he asked me was: “Khana banati hai tumhare liye?” When I said yes, he said, “Apna impure blood milati hai khaane mein black magic ke liye.” I didn’t want to accept anything against her. I would tell people who said anything negative about her to f*** off. ” Next thing we know, feminists slammed Suman for calling menstrual blood impure and taboo.

All facts considered, I wonder how we would’ve judged Kangana Ranaut if she was a man. A certain Tarun Tejpal molested a woman and got sent to the gallows, and rightly so. Every such man deserves harshest of punishments. But then, why have different rules for women. If a molester deserves jail, howcome a pervert who morphs photos, stalks, physically and mentally harasses men, gets to become a champion of feminism?

Why the General Opinion Favors Kangana

For a variety of reasons:

Kangana is a woman, apparently

In a battle of character between a man and woman, there is a default winner.

She’s a National Award winner

So if tomorrow a moral war breaks out between Naseeruddin Shah and Shatrugan Sinha, Shah will win by default.

She raised the issue of nepotism

We hate rich people’s kids, so a Karan Johar investing his hard-earned 100 Crore rupees  into a huge project should ask for our opinion on who should be part of that project, given that we have a whole of 300 Rupees at stake.

Kangana, not Hrithik, was on Barkha Dutt’s show

When the sole proprietor of morals and ethics declares you to be the ethical party, you can drop your mike and go home a winner.

Just one question for Kangana Ranaut:

How does it feel to be the only woman who’s lauded for wooing married men? If we take your story on face value, they indeed are cheats for making a pass at you, but you are a brave woman for accepting their advances, fully knowing they are married. Yeah, let’s bring feminism down to the right to being an asshole.

(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this publication are those of the author. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or official policy or position of Leisure Martini.)

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Rohit Raina
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  1. Muktismaan Hazarika

    With due respect to your opinion, well what I believe is that she might have blurred out the other person in the picture, but that doesnot mean she has some intentions which becomes clear as you said.She obviously wanted to highlight only both of them. And morphing would have actually been problematic, if the person was not Hrithik and his face was morphed to somebody else’s body to show the world that the person who’s holding her is Hrithik.Yet, I agree it would have been better if she (herteam) had kept it as it is.

    I am not aware if Kangana actually said they got engaged. In aap ki adalat, she said they were in relationship, they had affair but nowhere she mentioned they were engaged. I follow only what Kangana says on record that too videographically. Things are written. A5 times who said what to whom gets so distorted.

    Next, Kangana clearly said in the Aap ki adalat interview among the 1400 (approx.) mails, few of them ( 4 or 5) wer written by her in genuine feelings. Those 4 or 5 letters (whatever she has written- a person in love might write anything decent or indecent), the other person has copied words from her genuine letters and pasted it on other fake letters to give a feel that she has actually written those bulk of letters. If morphing is questionable, are such things not?

    Coming to Adhyayan’s point that she along with Pallavi had asked him to perform terrific things like going to graveyard, do unusual stuffs. But that’s his story. What Kangana clearly said in the show was that Ms. Pallavi is a working astrologer and yes, Kangana took him to her but ‘upwaas’ for days were the only astrological remedies that she asked Adhyayan to perform. Now that’s Kangana’s story. How can we be judgemental and say that Adhyayan’s words are true and what Kangana’s saying is false. We don’t know whats true. So, lets leave it there. Because, many would believe her, many would believe Adhyayan.

    Next point, yes I genuinely believe that a woman can beat a man and that doesnot depend on kgs and weights of both. But what I don’t understand is that why did he not broke up with her immediately!! Violence in any form, a man beating a woman or a woman beating a man is not acceptable. Okay, let me also consider that he was in true love and so didnot understand what to do since he didnot want to lose her. But the same person suddenly out of nowhere (when Hrithik- Kangana issue is going on)feels vulnerable, gets all his guts back, holds interview and tells all sad things that Kangana did to him before! I mean, did he ever say in the interview why he got the beatings (the context) if we take it true that Kangana actually beat him, it is also necessary you put it elaborately about the events. One can’t be cry baby at one point of time and gain all sympathy. Moreover, when same abuse case happened with Kangana, she took help.of police. Not done Adhyayan! If out of true love you didnot speak up when the time was right; it is not also not right to start blabbering at the wrong time in order to malign a person and prove your point.

    Again, next point that feminists and Kangana missed Adhyayan’s point and slammed him for calling menstrual blood impure. They might have perceived Adhyayan’s point wrongly as a result of which he got unnecessary slam. But I request all to kindly watch Kangana’s interview on NDTV with Barkha Dutt where she has nowhere said, Adhyayan has said menstrual blood is impure. She said, some baba coming to his house as called by her mom and claiming that Kangana is mixing impure bloid in his food is problematic. In the interview, she said obviously menstrual blood is unedible and she has not done that but any person calling menstrual blood impure should not be taken so easily.

    By the way, my question is if Kangana has Pallavi to do blackmagic, why are we also not seeing that Adhyayan’s family also has a great insensitive baba coming who tells ‘impure’ things further confusing the Suman family. Peace!!

    1. Rohit Raina

      1. Alright, none of us have read all those 1400 emails, but we do know the text of those 4-5 emails you’re talking about.
      “Am I just imagining our relationship.” “The first thing i do after waking up in the morning is Google your name….” “Why do you not respond to my emails, is this all my fantasy”
      Now, you can choose to selectively believe that Hrithik wrote these emails and Kangana wrote the ones which never got revealed. I can’t argue selective thinking.

      2. Regarding Adhyayan coming out of closet after 7 years. Tell me, Muktismaan, what happens when a woman comes out in the open after years of silence and reveals to the world how she was beaten up and harassed by her husband? We feel sorry for her that she had to endure all of that and laud her for coming out even after so many years to tell the truth. She gets the courage because the same man had a very public run-in with another woman and she wants to reveal his true face so that this other woman doesn’t meet the same fate. Think about it with an unbiased mind.

      3. The Suman family being superstitious doesn’t justify Kangana Ranaut trying to use “black magic.”

      4. Kangana said it publicly that they got engaged and then it was investigated. That’s how we know Hrithik’s passport doesn’t have the entry.

      5. The morphing point, one has to be really, really foolish to try morphing the way you mention in your comment. Just because Kangana was not that foolish doesn’t make her right. Also, if you believe that Hrithik was getting intimate with Kangana in front of others, in the same party where his wife was in attendance, I’ve got nothing to say to you.

    2. Anonymous

      Totally agree!!

    3. Anonymous

      Well said. ..It seems that this website and the writer of this one sided article has been paid handsomely by Hrx…

      1. Rohit Raina

        This the only line Kangana and her supports can swing because they have no cogent argument to disprove whatever is written in this article

  2. Muktismaan Hazarika

    First of all, Rohit, thanks for the quick reply.

    Let us all understand the context. It all started when Kangana referred to some ‘silly ex’ in her interview. She might have or might not have had Hrithik in her mind. But Hrithik took it to himself and sent her a notice saying apologize in front of the world and clarify that you were not referring to me. I will otherwise have to bring to public all your mails written to me and tell the world about your truth.
    To your point 1, let me respond by saying that let us for a minute believe Kangana has actually written those lines- “The first thing..”, “Why do you not respond..”. Let us also believe that she wrote it to an imposter and not to Hrithik. Now analyse the situation yourself and say how justified it was for Hrithik to feel so insecured when she referred to some random silly ex; send her a legal notice and also actually leak the mails (whether written to him, whether written by her, or not written to him but to an imposter, whatever it be). Was it justified? Why so over-react? One ‘silly-ex’ comment disturbed him so lot!! Also he in reply said that he would rather have a relationship with the pope than wid her. That was quite a good and humorous reply.Things should have stopped there.But no, his male ego was hurt and he further to teach lesson to her sent the notice.

    She felt naked and cried because people ridiculed her. She had been in love. Her relationship was laughed at, her feelings and words were published in public. Kangana might have written the quoted texts by you in point 1 and I don’t opt for selective beliefs. But this whole point of over-reacting and publishing someone’s emails in public, is it a dignified way of dealing with things?

    Your point 2, Rohit I genuinely feel, there are women who exploit and take advantage of the rights given to them. Some also use laws as weapons rather than protective shields to exploit men.

    But in this case, a woman is already dealing with a man over some ‘silly ex’ comment, dirty linens have already been washed publicly that too with personal mails getting published, legal notices swapped; the other man with whom she had relationship with also comes in the scenario to add in that the woman actually is problematic. Is it done? Then there is also another senior actor who starts saying he helped her financially when she had come to the industry and he was also used by her and that she is a liar and a mad woman. I mean, come on! Don’t attack her collectively, malign her and brand her to be a whore, liar, psychopath and villain in front of the world.
    It’s simply like public lynching!!
    Let us also listen to the other side.

    Point 3, this whole black magic thing I feel is silly. Let’s not talk about it. I am not even with Kangana on this. Such a confident and talented woman, kya ye sab astrologers (no offence to people who believe in astrology)!! One should believe in one’s own talent and karma. Today, Kangana is successful because of her talent not because of any baba, astrologer or babaji. Nobody can harm you too if one believes in oneself.

    4. I really don’t know about it. If she said it publicly and later proved wrong, I choose to criticize her for that.

    5. This glittering world of filmdom is very fake and puzzling brother Rohit. My wife might be with me in the same party, still flirt with other man, I might be with my wife in attendance in the same party and flirt with another woman. It’s so complex. You can’t say Suzzane never knew about Hrithik’s closeness to Kangana; perhaps may be she allowed that to happen. It may be that she knew everything or may be did not know at all. Nobody till now knows why Suzzane divorced Hrithik! Some say its because of Suzzane’s closeness with Arjun Rampal, some say it was because she was addicted to drugs, some say she was fed up of Hrithik’s closeness to actresses like Barbara Morie, Kangana Ranaut and so on. Nobody knows the truth. So, saying that how can Hrithik get intimate with Kangana in front of others that too when his wife is in attendance is not lame.

    1. Rohit Raina

      If I just use a line from your argument (and also the fact that you’re going by far too many assumptions, so let me make a few),

      It’s a glittering world of filmdom and people show off all the time. There is a good chance Kangana was running around telling people in the film industry that she is dating Hrithik Roshan, as per her imagination. So her tweet about an ex may have been cryptic to us, but he was concerned that industry insiders are going to fall for the lie that “I am responsible for Kangana losing out on work.” Everybody would have thought what a jerk he is. That’s defamation right there. So Kangana through her tweet was not tarnishing Hrithik’s image among fans, but among industry people.

      Pardon me for just going on assumptions, but like I said, I am just taking the line of argument that you are sticking to here.

      As for the rest, if my entire article and two long comments did not convince you, nothing else I say will. Extremely glad you dropped in, but no point squabbling back and forth here because we’re not gonna agree.

      Again, thanks for sharing your view!

      1. Muktismaan Hazarika

        Most welcome Rohit. We might disagree, but the point is- truth should prevail. Thanks to you too for bearing with me so patiently.

  3. Follower

    Muktismaan Hazarika,

    I followed the two messages and I respected your opinion in the first message. But when Rohit Raina specified those points you put in other arguments and you moved away from your precious statements. It’s like: ok if my point a) doesn’t make sense let’s consider also point b). Putting forward a point b) doesn’t support the validity of the previous point a)

    1. Muktismaan Hazarika

      Thank you for following and respecting my opinion in the first message.

    2. Rohit Raina

      Thanks for the kind comment! See you around more!

  4. Garima Srivastava

    Rohit, in her interview on Aap ki Adalat, Kangana Ranaut asked a valid question to the Roshans: where is that impostor whom Hrithik Roshan claimed Kangana had been interacting with believing him to be Hrithik? She clearly stated that out of the 1400 plus mails that Hrithik put out in the public domain, 4 or 5 had been written by her and they were misused by Roshan. Where is that “explosive” truth about Kangana that the Roshans claimed they would “shock” the world?! If they claim that she was imagining an affair with Hrithik on account of a mental disorder, all the more reason not to drag the girl to court by sending her a legal notice. The most ridiculous claim Hrithik made against Kangana is that he didn’t know her at all. How was this possible after they had worked together in 2 films and this when many heroines who were cast by Rakesh Roshan for Krish 3 were thrown out one after another only because Kangana was chased by Roshan Jr. so she would agree to work in the film. The cyber department cell has concluded its investigation and their clear finding is that there was no impostor but the Roshans have ensured that this fact is not brought out by the media. They ran a massive smear campaign against a girl whom they thought they could bully into submission but it backfired badly. As for Adhyayan Suman, he sought some cheap publicity at Kangana’s expense eight years after his break up with her. Aditya Panscholi has a clear criminal record against him including rape charges brought against him by his former girlfriend Pooja Bedi.

    Kangana Ranaut is a one woman army. We are not hear to judge how “pure” she is by judging her on the parameter of the number of boyfriends she has had. The question is one of facts. The fact is that Roshans have not come up with one shred of evidence to corroborate any of the claims they made against Kangana. Targeting a girl’s sanity and character are the cheapest and easiest ways to build prejudice against her and this entrenched fear in the minds of girls prevents them from taking on the men spoilt by a patriarchal society. Hrithik Roshan should grow up and start standing up for himself instead of ganging up with his father and filmy friends to tarnish the image of a woman almost 15 years younger to him. Same for the papa and mama’s boy Adhyayan Suman. Hrithik Roshan’s divorce settlement would have been affected a great deal had the truth of his many secret affairs with co stars been confirmed. Someone should ask his ex wife why she divorced such a “pure” soul after claiming in older interviews that she had a fake relationship with Hrithik and chose to divorce him instead of faking it for the rest of her life. Clearly money speaks especially when your ex can take your kids and you for expensive vacations alongside giving you a fat allowance and alimony.

    1. Rohit Raina

      Garima, So Kangana asked Roshans about the identity of that impostor. How in the holy hell is that a valid question?? If they knew who that impostor is but were hiding his identity, wouldn’t that make them guilty of a crime? Also, why would Hrithik let someone impersonate him in the first place, especially when that impostor is sending fake love letters to a woman in his name. Think about it.
      2. “Kangana said” that she wrote only 4-5 emails and those were misused by Roshans. You know what, the whole point of me writing this article and starting with the sentence that it won’t be based on rhetoric is that whenever Kangana speaks, her supporters take those words as words spoken by God. Kangana said it, so it must be true. Why is only her version the golden truth and everybody else is lying?
      3. “Hrithik said he did not know Kangana at all.” Come on Garima, you are gonna quote some shitty blog now? Coz that’s the only place that might have reported that. Trust me, I have done enough research before writing this article up; Hrithik never said that. He said he has not been so socially involved with Kangana. That is a very different thing from what you’re saying.
      Also, the guy who is sending legal notices to Kangana will be foolish enough to say he never knew her when they have 3 movies and 3 crore pictures together?

      4. “Roshans threw every other actress out of their movie so that they could have Kangana act in them?” Who told you that? The Manohar Kahaniya magazine? Or were you shadow-directing Krrish 3? Also, have you even watched Roshan’s movies with Kangana? You could put Rakhi Sawant in those roles and nobody would notice.

      5. “Cyber cell has determined there is no impostor but they have been paid off by Roshans to hide this fact.” My goodness me, that’s some Sherlock Holmes work right there! Extremely sorry for the sarcasm, but how different are you from a blind Baba Dera bhakt when you say all.of this. You’re making up random shit to justify your fan-love and support for Kangana.

      6. “Hrithik has had many secret affairs and Suzanne has put up with all of those.” That’s creepy, Garima, how do you know that? Also, it’s the same thing as labelling a woman you don’t like a slut – “Oh she sleeps around with all men, that slut.”

      7. Suzanne is supporting her ex-husband because he pays for her vacations and alimony. Even Kangana Ranaut won’t stoop so low, Garima. That’s sexism of the worst kind.

      1. Garima Srivastava

        Rohit, your first point about the impostor. Please remember that it was Hrithik Roshan who alleged that Kangana was communicating with an “impostor”.After you send a legal notice to a woman alleging that she has been talking to an impostor and calling her “mentally ill” which amounts to defamation, that woman has every right to ask him where the impostor is? You cannot tarnish somebody’s name and honour so publicly and then not prove a single claim of yours. Please let your readers know what research you have done on this issue. Who are your sources of information on the strength of which you are claiming that your opinion on Kangana is backed by “research”. Did you speak to the cyber crimes cell investigating this matter or did you speak to paid PR agencies? You must quote your sources otherwise your article is clearly defamatory without any evidence for your claims calling Kangana derogatory names like manipulator, liar etc. She has gone on record on a public platform to say that the police has filed an NIL report in this case and this can easily be vetified. All your piece reflects is a very deep seated sexist stance against Kangana Ranaut.

        You have misquoted me very conveniently to prove your point. I have nowhere written that cyber crimes cell has been paid off by Roshans to suppress the fact that there was no impostor as claimed by the Roshans. If they could be paid off they wouldn’t have concluded in the first place that there was no impostor in this case as claimed by Roshans. It’s the media and PR agencies who can be bought off to suppress information. Whatever Kangana has said is on record and can be easily corroborated by the investigating agencies.

        You are alleging that Kangana has no qualms having affairs with married men but you find any suggestion of Hrithik’s closet affairs “creepy”! Sujit Muktan has written a befitting reply to your piece. Are married men so gullible as to have affairs with women half their age or their daughter’s age without thinking about their wife or kids? Is it the other woman’s responsibility to keep the lover’s marriage or the married lover’s responsibility to to think of his wife and kids? Sorry but your views are sexist to the core.

        If I say that Hrithik has had closet affairs it DOES not mean that I am calling women having affairs “sluts”. Your analogy is so absurd and bizzare because you are just trying to stuff your mentality in my mouth. If a married man has affairs, how does that make women having affairs “sluts?”. In fact it’s you who is suggesting such derogatory labels for a woman like Kangana.

        Instead of behaving like a paid agent of the Roshan family by defending him and his ex wife please tell them to come up with proof for their allegations against a woman who is fighting it out all alone.
        The stupid tweet she posted insinuating that Kangana is “evil” and her ex is “pure soul” needs to be corroborated with esolid evidence to back up their claims.You are doing exactly what hrithik and his family tried doing with Kangana:mounting personal attacks on her and anyhow bully her into submission.

        It’s your opinion that Rakhi Sawant could replace Kangana in her films with Hrithik. You are insulting both Rakhi and Kangana. Again sexism against both women. She is a three time national award winning actress so doesn’t matter which role you put her in. Even Hrithik won’t stoop so low.

        Please stop labelling your prejudices an intellectual exercise.

        1. Rohit Raina

          I give you sources when you give me your sources which told you Hrithik was having secret affairs, among other things.

          But just to make it short, cyber forensics established that Hrithik never replied to her emails.
          More importantly, they were to inspect Kangana’s laptop and her phone on April 30, 2016. You know what they found out? Nothing! Because her phone and laptop astonishingly fell into water right before the investigation.

          There is one TOI link below. Do read it. And for the rest, Google to corroborate.

          1. Ruth

            I agree some with Rohit Raina, and some with Garima. The thing is they traced the imposter’s email id to New Jersey, and that too after a year, now when the whole matter has blown out of proportion again. Does it really take one year to trace a simple email id ? And that too in a “high profile” case. This is a serious cyber crime, more so if kangana has exchanged her pitcures, so why is the investigation moving at snail’s pace ? To me it looks like both sides are making up stories to save their own image. What seems likely is, Hrithik may have at some point initiated a casual affair with her or may have simply even flirted with her and broken it off. Which may have lead to Kangana being obsessed with Hrithik sending him 3000 emails (Which he took no action against untill the matter was public), why didn’t he ask her to stop even once? Or asked advice from lawyer to handle it ? Those emails if they are one sided sounds like doing of a mentally deranged person, not something to be taken lightly as Hrithik did. Also it is extremely wierd how emails were her only way to communicate, maybe because someone wanted to keep this a secret, and didn’t want their phone buzzing in public ? All hypothesis, but I don’t believe this is war of gender, just PR gimmicks and ego clashes.

  5. Sujit Muktan

    Rohit you say you are a writer by chance, and on your way to become a writer by choice. My humble request please avoid using expressions like- “The fuck up being, she is even playing those characters off screen, and we’re totally falling for it.” Kangana being a natural and convincing actress onscreen does not justify you saying that she’s acting off screen too.

    You again said, “How come a pervert who morphs photos, stalks, physically and mentally harasses men, gets to become a champion of feminism?”. I mean seriously!! With your 6(six) arguments (which you call solid facts) you come to your own conclusion and pass your judgement that Kangana is a pervert! Really!! Dude, respect her as a woman, if not as a woman atleast respect her as an artist who knows her craft very well and has won three National Awards! She can be a pervert, but who has given you the right to call her by that name? Whatever she’s today, she’s self-made without having any Godfather in the industry. As a person who is critical about the brand of feminism making waves today, such insensitivity from you is not expected.

    Again you said, “Kangana Ranaut, this generation’s flagbearer of gender equality, seems to be a master manipulator and liar, representing everything that’s wrong with the brand of feminism making waves today.” It seems like you are the investigator, you are the lawyer and also given your judgement in the article. If you have done enough research before writing this article you should know that Kangana has never ever once said she is doing anything for the cause of feminism. If feminists find her fit in the definition of a feminist and take her as their flagbearer, one should be okay with that. We must not forget that Kangana is one actress who opposed to do fairness cream endorsements losing on crores of money that she could have easily earned because she believes dark complexion is not unfair. I mean, which mainstream actress apart from Nandita Das has actually dared to come forward compromising on brand endorsements.

    Your concluding statement- “Just one question for Kangana: How does it feel to be the only woman who’s lauded for wooing married men (Hrithik, Aditya Pancholi). Way to go, girl!” is such derogatory and cheap sarcasm. Wooing married men!! What do you even mean by that? Do you mean to say, a woman called Kangana Ranaut has relationship with married men and so let us all judge her!! And the funny thing is she woos and the married men gets conveniently wooed forgetting about their wives, children and everyone. But no, you don’t call the men perverts!! (By the way Adhyayan Suman is not a married man with whom she had a relationship with).

    By the way, do you know Kangana Ranaut personally to call her a manipulator, liar or pervert? I don’t know Hrithik personally either; so not giving him names. I request you to refrain from giving names to Kangana Ranaut too. Next time you keep your points, highlight them (you have every right to be opinionated) but write in a way which makes your piece atleast a decent read.

    I really don’t know what’s wrong with the current brand of feminism, but what I certainly know is such a movement exists only because of our biased stands on such an issue revolving a woman. For long, women were the victims or survivors but now after many years and ages when they have actually learnt to speak up for themselves and their rights, they are branded perverts, liars and mass manipulators causing trouble to good men!! Peace!!

    1. Rohit Raina

      Hey Sujit,

      Fair point when you say I shouldn’t be calling names, it’s a cheap thing to do. And I’m surely taking that advice going forward. Thanks for that! But then, I do have a little reason that justifies it in my eyes, it goes like this:
      – I find it hypocritical of you (or Kangana supporters in general) that they have a critical view of people who indulge in name calling and vehemently criticise those passing misogynist remarks, but find every such statements coming out of Kangana either funny or justified.
      I’m not going to go back in time and dig up every such instance, will rather highlight the 2 (two) examples that instantly come to mind:
      1. “I couldn’t hit him since he is so much healthier than me, but now that I think about it, *I should have hit him.* Sujit, I find it impossible to imagine a man, who’s accused of hitting his wife/girlfriend, making a statement like that and getting away. “My wife is lying that I hit her. But now that I think of it, I should have been hitting her for real.” Are you going to find this “passing joke” funny? A joke made on the alleged victim of physical and mental harassment? Yes, but only if a woman makes a joke like that on Aap ki Adalat.

      2. Rakesh Roshan said something against Kangana late last year. Her reply, ““I want to know why Indian men can’t stand for themselves.” Wow, making a generic statement about Indian men like that! But just to give you more context, how would you judge a man who says “I want to know why Indian women are so weak and keep crying all the time.” Talk of stereotyping! It’s amusing how we have different strokes for different genders.

      The above two points (which serve as just two of the many examples) DO NOT justify my name-calling. But all I am saying is this – You have a critical view of my article, but why does this critical eye shut off when Kangana makes outrageous claims and statements. Considering the small probability that you agree with me, please don’t reply with “that poor woman is being harassed by big, bad power men, excuse her for being out of line at times)
      Now for the rest of the points:
      1. She is a national award winner, a self-made woman. You know Sujit, my entre rant is explicitly for this argument. So there are 3 people in this equation – One is a National Award winner, other is a rich star of masala films, and the third one is a flop actor. So people like you have created this hierarchy – How can I trust a masala movie star over a National Award winner! Hrithik starred in Lakshya, that doesn’t that make him brave or full of integrity as a soldier; much the same way Queen doesn’t make Kangana a progressive women. As for the amazing things she says in media, Hrithik and the likes have also said some beautiful things about women, life, etc. but they dint make headlines because they didn’t accuse any individual of something (before this fiasco). Call me a delusional fan or PR agent, but the only point I am trying to make here is that you being a great actor or saying progressive things in public DOES NOT make you saint. Baba Dera won’t say in public that raping women is a symbol of male strength, but he might as well believe so.

      2. Kangana refusing fairness cream endorsements. Are you actually telling me that she is the only mainstream actress apart from Nandita Das who has done so? Of course, Aishwariya Rai does not qualify because she is also a masala film actress (doesn’t matter that she did so a decade before Kangana). Then there are men like Randeep Hooda who did the same, but he doesn’t lean towards left wing so his stance against fairness creams stands invalid. Esha Gupta is another actress, but well, she does dumb films so we don’t give a shit. Only and only Kangana and Nandita Das deserve kudos on the account of them being National Award winning serious actors.

      3. And then you did something I didn’t expect, you took a statement of mine and twisted it to suit your narrative. Also, you are bringing feminism down to the right to being an asshole. Sujit, if you’ve not living been under a rock, you must know there is plethora of online and print literature dedicated to Aditya Pancholi on how he is a woman beater (he has happily passed that trait along to his son) and a serial offender. That did not require any contradiction from me at any rate, so I found it unnecessary to add to the article a fact which is a given.

      But the point that I was making was simple, does him being a woman beater justify Kangana trying to get into affairs with married men, more than once. Let’s say, we believe Hrithik Kangana did have an affair, why would you selectively accuse only Hrithik for it? Sujit, dating happens with mutual consent. If a married man is making a pass at you, you have every right to reject his advances. If a married man is wrong to have a love affair outside his marriage, the woman is equally guilty of having been part of it, twice. Don’t bring feminism down to the right to being an asshole.

      4. For your last point about my “biased stands on issues regarding women,” one of the reasons why people with neutral views are speaking against feminism is because of people who have made feminism into reverse sexism. Also, the same people who were feeling sorry for Ms. Suzanne for being the victim of infidelity are calling her names now (Oh Hrithik takes her on vacations, pays hefty alimony, etc.) Who is sexist now? She is herself an independent working woman, but we don’t care. Why? Because in this battle between a man and a woman, she stands up for the man. Guilty by default.

  6. Neha Khanna

    Hi Rohit

    You have done a fantastic job of exposing that pathological liar,fake feminist and stalker Kangana.
    But you forgot to add her one of biggest lie.

    She was running away from police after Hrithik Roshan filed a complaint against imposter and later refused to cooperate with them as she refused to submit her laptop, ipad and mobile. She told them her mobile fell into water. This is the biggest and silliest lie ever. Really proves she is guilty and wants to hide the truth.

    One of her other lie is that in earlier interviews and in Rajeev Masand show she said the affair started around 2013-14 and now claims it started in 2010. 7 years affair with him and in those years she also dated Adhyan, stalked Ajay Devgan, dated foreigner Nicholas and also started affair rumours with Ranbir

    Please if possible add these to your article.
    Also FYI she has a history of lying which I will post.

    One suggestion can you also write an article asking Kangana to show proofs like pics/mail/watsapp/call and most importantly asking her to submit her laptop, ipad and mobile.

    Hrithik has given solid proofs to prove him innocent with those forensic report of cyber crime of his electronic devices which says the imposter ID of email.com was never used by him, he never hacked Kangana’s account. Also he received thousand of email from her with indecent and explicit content and had never ever sent even a single reply to her.

    They also revealed that the imposter ID and server belongs to America and said it is difficult to trace it there. But If Kangana submits her laptop coz she recd mails with IP address from it they can trace it but she clearly refused to submit again proves she is guilty.

    She is spreading fake news that no imposter existed and case is closed.
    The truth is imposter is in America and also case is not closed and investigations are still on.

    Please publish these reports again so that it reaches maximum people.
    You are doing a good job by supporting innocent Hrithik and the truth. God Bless you and keep up the good work. We will keep fighting in our own way till he gets justice.

    1. Rohit Raina

      Thanks for your words, Neha. Glad you liked the piece. Regarding the points you made, will surely add these after corroborating

      1. Neha Khanna

        Hi Rohit

        Let me know if you need any help regarding links or screenshots but can always get them on google.

        Please ask these fake feminist and delusional fans and their queen of lies to back her false claims by proofs and then talk.

        She is becoming a role model for wrong women on how to take revenge if a guy is never interested in them ever.

  7. Neha Khanna

    Hi Garima, Muktismaan and Sujit

    Here are answers to all your questions and please ask your queen of lies to submit her laptop,ipad and mobile to cyber crime which she completely refused to and Hrithik did. The reports prove him innocent while Kangana said her phone fell into water clearly shows she is guilty. Also any masg/watsapp/call/mail or pic(not a forged one please) to prover her imaginary one sided affair.

    Kangana is a liar and has changed her statements many times so I am not surprised that you forgot her earlier ones, not your fault she herself does because truth has only one version and a lie has many or maybe you selectively chose to ignore them being a blind fan.

    Accordind to the recent interview she might not have said anything about the engagement in Paris because her lie was already busted in Jan 2014 that Hrithik Roshan never went to Paris according to his Passport. You can google if you don’t believe me and was headlines of the newspapers back then.

    She has herself mentioned in her mail that she suffers from Asperger syndrome and imagines affair.

    She was specifically asked a question about Hrithik Roshan if he has removed her from Ashiqui3, then while replying back she referred to him as his ex and publically started maligning his image to take revenge. I don’t belive you are so blind and dumb to not know that. To protect his honour he had slapped her with legal notice. If some guy stalks you with dirty mails for 3-4 years and later in public calls you an ex, what would you do?

    Dignity and honour of a man is not less than that of a woman and NO means NO applies to a woman also. He was harrased and stalked for so many years in private. Now he was being maligned in public so he had to take action. But he chose to take legal action because he is innocent and had nothing to hide instead of spkeaking bullshit in public like that jilted stalker.

    You say why he had to publish those mails because he knew in India where there are people like u and noboby believes a man and example is that he had already denied by speaking about it but was still linked with that psycho. Also like u chose not to belive Adhyan I am sure you would not believe him either. You must have heard if u wrestle with a pig u get dirty and the pig enjoys it.
    Also she that threatened her in one mail to scar his life for not answering her ever and this is how this evil psycho stalker is taking revenge.

    FYI he has not just given those mails but alongwith that solid proofs of forsensic reports of his laptop and mobile by cyber crime. But you clearly chose to ignore those as your queen of lies don’t have any solid proof because she refused to cooperate and submit her laptop, ipad and mobile. Said her mobile fell into water. These are the words of cyber crime cell and not mine. The biggest and silliest lie I have ever heard ever-phone fell into water, really proves she is guilty and wants to hide truth. Imagine If he said the same what would you do to him.

    Those reports clearly say that the imposter ID of email.com was never used by him, he never hacked Kangana’s account. Also he received thousand of email from her with indecent and explicit content and had never ever sent even a single reply to her.
    They also revealed that the imposter ID and server belongs to America and said it is difficult to trace it there. But If Kangana submits her laptop coz she recd mails with IP address from it they can trace it but she clearly refused to submit again proves she is guilty.

    Please see Hrithik’s forensic reports of electronic devices by cyber crime then form an opinion.

    She is spreading fake news that no imposter existed and case is closed.
    The truth is imposter is in America and also case is not closed and investigations are still on.Please google and check Hrithik’s side satement also and not just one sided like a dumb biased fan. He was the one to first file an FIR against that imposter as soon as he came to know about it.

    He is a true gentlemen that’s why he only showed few mails including the last one in which she threatened to scar him for life which she is doing now. And never revealed those indecent mail and pics.
    If this called public shaming then how does he prove he is innocent and what is your queen of lies doing. At leat he has proofs but she doesn’t and refuses to submit her laptop and phone.

    She has a history of lying—-
    In 2016 felt naked and agreed to writing mails then said written only 3-4 mails and in one interview said had written only one para.
    In earlier interviews and in Rajeev Masand show she said the affair started around 2013-14 and shows a forged pic of 2010 and that lie was exposed by Sussanne.In Dec 2016 says was fangirl of HR and crossed oceans and in an interview in 2014 said I was never anyones fan ever.

    Now she claims affair was of 2010 but in Oct 2013 was saying she is single and not getting married and suddenly in Jan 2014 gets engaged .If she started dating Hrithik in 2010 then along with him she was also dating Adhayan, then in 2011 stalked another married man Ajay Devgan. Later In 2012 she was dating Nicholas for two years. ( There are intervies and pictures and aslo said on Simi Grewal show).In 2015-16 she also sent her dirty pics to Ranbir and planted stories of affair with him also but he dared to expose that person.

    In 2011 claimed Paris Hilton contacted her for brand but Paris threatened to sue her legally for lying for cheap publicity. In 2015 claimed highest paid actress but forbes exposes her lie. Claims to come from poor family has has rags to riches story but comes from politically influential family great grandfather comes 3 times cong MLA , has 25 room haveli and father in construction business supplies to HP govt.

    On Aap ki adalat she said womens commision is saleable but head Vijaya says she never approaced them ever. Then her sister comes with another lie they didn’t knew and were fooled and went to Gurmmet Chadha. In fact even she Gurmeet say they never approached her properly and these sisters never responded back. Read her recent article in Midday she says firstly her name Gurpreet n not Gurmeet, secondly they never sent any written complaint even after her asking to do so and is planning to send a legal notice.

    He never said he didn’t knew her, he only said he never knew her personally/closely. Even Adhayan had also said there were not even an iota of feelings from Hrithiks side ever and she was eyeing for him since Kites.

    Adhyan never wanted to give intv but was repetedly asked by upala basu to giver interview, then he agreed because he said he can understand the pain Hrithik is going though. If a women can bare her soul
    a man also has the right to do so. While everyone belives her lies he is made fun of why?

    She has not only verbally and physically abused Adhayan but both these sister in 2008 have in the same way abused their driver and had threatened him not to file any complaint. Both have given examples when all such exactly happened. Adhayan is well brought up guy and did not slap her back, well according to me he should have. Aslo as wrongly claimed by Kangana that they are rich and powerful and wanted to scare her, well both these gundis used their power as they are rich and influential to shut the poor driver. And in her own interview she wanted to slap her father when she was just 15.

    As far as her sugar daddy Aditya is concerned who is more than double her ageand has a criminal background why she dated him, tells a lot about her character as well. Reality is she just wanted to use him to get into bollywood and then left him, used his money for her sister treatment, used his phone and bought house from his money and later refused to give his money back. He also caught her sending messages to actor of the B grade movie she was working in.

    Aslo in Aap ki Adalat she said he danced on the dance floor rolling which I am sure is a lie again coz no proof. He missed all her birthday parties and attended only one that too with his wife and parents.Even if I believe her I think every normal person dances in a birthay party. Ohh she was always in an imaginary one sided affair and thought was he dancing for her. LOL By this logic no one should dance in parties never know someone can accuse of having an affair.

    She hires her sister as her manger in Bollywood and now promoting her brother and talks about nepotism.
    She is accused of stealing writing credit and hijacking Rani of Jhansi movie of Ketan Mehta and has sent legal notice to her. Everyone she has worked with had a problem with her and everyone who have worked with Roshans repect them and have only great things to say about them.

    Talking about failed relationships out of which one was imaginary one sided doesn’t make u feminist. It shows how u used them ,your character, with Adhyan u were inhuman. She is vey manipulative, evil and as fake as her accent. The most overrated avtress with no versatality at all. Only shouting in movies like a crow even he sounds better. Her dialogue delivery is pathetic like her movies. Talking about national awards even Saif ali khan and arjun rampal have one. And if u talk about acting & films there also Hrithik wins the most complete & veratile actor of bollywood ever and amazing human being. His struggle is an inspiration who overcame scoliosis, stammering was so shy and doctors said cud never become an actor. He is at the top position coz of his talent and humility.

    Even if people think she is good actress doesn’t mean she has to be good person. Read all her other interviews she is so arrogant, say extremely cheap things like inserting camera into vagina( who talks like that shit) and always demeaning someone or the other, shows her upbringing, use of words completely roadside. As they say u can take a person out of a gutter and not gutter out of the person.

    He is a through gentleman and never ever said anything in media unlike your fake queen who has taken digs at him and said nasty lies about him and his family numerous times. He doesn’t believe in media trials or washing dirty linen in public, he went to court.

    It was only a one sided imaginary affair where she stalked an innocent Hrithik and now taking revenge. Even Shahid said she has vivid imagination and cooks up stories. Also claims divorce happened because of her but Sussane has given a tight slap on her face and called her lies evil plot and supported Hrithik.

    When a psycho man stalks a woman and she says no, you know how they take revenge. But when a psycho woman stalks a man and he says no this how they take revenge. This is also similar to a case showed in Aitraaz movie that men are not always wrong.

    The fact is a dignified pure soul Hrithik Roshan can never ever fall for a psycho cheap girl like her who is a blot not just on femisism but also humanity and she can never get him in 100 lifetimes.

    She is psycho mentally ill characterless person who needs to be in mental hospital and has Asperger syndrome which she admitted in mails. But she is beyond medical treatment and should go to jail because she has a criminal mind to stalk and harrass people and destroy/hide evidences and people are giving her power to destroy more lives.

    Strange even in todays age where everyone has camera no public/fan/media also have never ever spotted them together in 7 long years.

    The best way to prove yourself innocent is to give proofs which Hrithik has firstly he lodged an FIR against imposter, then showing mails and passport, cooperating with police and handling over his all electronic devices. The forensic reports proving he never sent any mail to her.

    Ask your fake feminist, pathological liar, jilted stalker, psycho to prove by giving her laptop,ipad and phone to police which she denied and also any pic/selfie/watsapp/mail/msg to prove her imaginary one sided affair of 7 long years instead of saying bullshit in media to gain publicity. Why is she scared to go to real court if she is so bold instead going to a scripted show for TRPs and cheap publicity. I tell you why because the truth will come out and she will go to jail so she destoys and hides evidences.

    1. Rohit Raina

      Woah! That’s some passion right there, Neha! You have highlighted some great points, which I wish every Kangana Ranaut follower reads and absorbs. Of course, to them it will only sound like an emotional outpour of a star-struck fan, but high-brow biases can’t be reasoned with.

      I could really use it as a standalone article after taking some emotions out of it, but it’s too muchh Kangana Ranaut for the week!

      Thanks again for taking out the time to express!

      1. Neha Khanna

        Hi Rohit

        Thank you so much for appreciating.
        Yes I am Hrithik’s fan and I am very proud to say that. I stand with him because I have known him from the past 17 years and he is such a pure soul and the most amazing perfect human being and actor I know and that is why I love him so much.

        But most importantly I stand and support him because he is honest and saying the truth and has facts/proofs on his side.

        I want to ask all Knagana’s fan who are as delusional as her to provide even a single proof and answer the points that I have mentioned in my previous comments & this one with facts.

        And guess what today I caught more lies of Kangana and her sister–

        Her sister Rangoli today tweeted that Kangana was born in 1987 and Kangana has also been saying the same from many years however her passport has a different story to tell. Acc to her passport she was born in 1986.

        Then her sister says Aditya’s daughter was born in 1985 which makes her 2 years older than Kangana while Kangana said that she is 1 year older than her.

        Also came across a news that Psycho Kangana wanted to marry Ajay Devgan while she was after her.
        Then she dated Nicholas and broke up with him only because she didnt want to marry him. Not surprised I know he was a nobody and people like her want a rich famous superstar and then use thier money and contacts, get publicity and move on in search of next target.

        Both these sisters are lying through thier teeth, changing their statements in every other interview, shown no proof and people still believe them. I am appalled. Even the media is biased and no one grills/cross questions her.

        Also if you have noticed that she only gives interviews to Barkha Dutt, Miss Malini, Rajeev Masand. She did the same last year also and you can see its completely scripted as they never ever ask her for facts/proofs or her contradictory statements. Rajat Sharma did the same even he never objected her when she mentioned Gurmeet Chadha as being from Women Commission which she is not, about Paris engagement, her laptop/mobile, forged pic.

        I also have a video in which after the first Barkha Dutt intv a reporter tried to grill her with questions about Hrithik which is her favorite topic of discussion and Adhyan but she refused and both these sisters also pushed the journalist.

        Recently in one of her intv she was asked only about her movie, role etc & it ended. After camera was off she told interviwee to ask questions about Hrithik and made sure it is included in the episode. This reeks of an agenda. I am not a lier like both psycho sisters and not making up stories like then but have everything to back my claims.(links/screenshots/videos etc)

        Hope if you could write another article exposing them and get it circulated to as much people as possible.

        Thanks once again

    2. Rani

      MORON !!!!
      Dimple kapadia and Sunny Deol managed to hide their 30yr affair … only recently got captured on camera in London !!!
      Amitabh and Rekha have also managed to hide their liaisons for decades !!
      Hritik roshan is a womaniser … that’s why Suzanne divorced him !!! Lol how is he such a “pure” soul now ??? Lol
      Kudos for Kangana for exposing this maggot of a man !!!

    3. Rani

      You ranting lunatic !!!

      1. Rohit Raina

        If you believe that the best way to “expose” is cry your heart out for cameras and tell them your sob stories, instead of going to cops and meeting Kangana’s friends to understand and attempt to figure out what’s really wrong with the whole thing, then god be with you.
        Since Kangana too chose media instead of the investigating agencies (because media doesn’t care if she destroyed evidence), I’m happy she’s got thinking-alike, mind-fucked worshippers.

        1. suleman khan

          love you man ,, for what the fucked mind you have!!!!! amazing

        2. suleman khan

          rohit raina ,,,, your future is looking bright .. you know the skill how to shape the words,,,

          listen one thing carefully ( tere bheje me ghuse ki nahi par phir bhi sunle ! I INSIST)

          MAN knows the skill …. how to transform … how to shape.. a lie into truth
          WOMEN beleives the TRUTH ….. and she knows when to speak

          today you’ll win tomrw you’ll lose
          becz one day truth shall conquer the world

          hazam nahi hua to HAJMOLA khalena!!!!

          1. suleman khan

            she’s is not a lier .. her beauty is the evidence of her truth kyunki sach hamesha khoobsurat hota hai
            akal ke andhon ko nahi dikhega or nahi samjhega

  8. Portia Chandra

    This is Hogwash.. These are facts drawn from gutter.. Please give yourself a break and to us please.

    1. Rohit Raina

      Sure they are. But if only you had not poked your head out of the cocoon you have spent your whole life in, you would’ve have stayed protected.

  9. Criticus


  10. Rohit Raina

    Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha hid their affair for decades? I’m interested to know who broke it to you? Because rest of the world knows that from 40 years now; in the late 70s, there was hardly a soul who did not know they were going around. That’s why Silsila got such a huge pre-release hype in the first place. Because it was said to be imitating real life.

    As for Deol and Dimple having their affair since the 80s, are you aware we now have Smartphones, Smartphones with cameras, smartphones with Whatsapp and a zillion other chat apps, we have SMSes, none of the things which existed when anybody was interested in Dimple Kapadia and Sunny Deol. Kangana/Hrithik is 2000 times more trending than dimple/deol. So there was neither the technology, nor the interest in their affair.

    You want to challenge Hrithik’s facts? Tell me why Rangoli in her thousand tweets hasn’t denied even one fact revealed by him? She is just going after people who are writing those silly open letters, why is she not taking on Hrithik on his facts? The passport story, the witness who has seen them in private, the engagement proofs, or why did she mention in her email to Hrithik that she couldn’t believe that he and Kangana had an affair, all she knew that kangana used to be like “Hrithik, Hrithik, Hrithik” “I didn’t see any such vies from you.” Think about it.

    As for Hrithik being a womaniser, how are you so sure? Have you been sleeping in his house? Did Suzzanne Khan confide in you? Oh you read that on Page 3 of Delhi Times, a magazine the likes of which people abhor for objectifying women.

    You know what you’re doing in guise of feminism? You are slut-shaming a person just because you don’t like him/her. It’s saying the same thing as, “Oh I read in Delhi Times that she had an affair with her co-star. What a whore, I’m sure she is sleeping with everyone!

    P.S. If for a second we disregard all the evidences and believe Kangana’s version, then yes, Kudos to Kangana for spending 11 years of her life in relationship with married men, married men with kids, married men with unaware wives. The onus is just on the men here, a woman has to fall in line, right? That’s woman power for you.

    1. Rani

      Lol … isn’t it what u r doing to Kangana ?? Slut shaming her? FYI Kangana came to Bollywood quite young , naive , with dreams to make it into Bollywood .A wolf like Pancholi unfortunately found her and used her for his own selfish needs .. lucky Kangana had talent that got her the movie Gangster..
      Like so many young hopeful girls who want to get into showbiz get abused by selfish powerful men .. it happens all over the world !!! Look at Hollywood .. so many leading actresses of today fell prey to the wolf Weinstein !! If it happens in America .. just imagine what it is like for a young woman trying to get into Bollywood with the sharks lurking here ???
      Guess it would be hundred times worse !!!!
      Coming to Kangana and Hritik .. I believe there was a affair !!!!!
      Why would Kangana speak openly about it if it weren’t true ???
      What is she to gain from Hritik ????
      Clearly she doesn’t need his money or fame ??
      Guess all she wants is acknowledgement that there was a time when they were in a relationship !!!
      Hritik wants to have his cake and eat it too !!!!
      He needs to man up !!!!

      1. Rohit Raina

        Too much generalization. Because Weinstein exploited women, it proves by default that Hrithik did so too. Einstein would be proud of this deduction. Using phrases like “wants to have cake and eat it too” “no smoke without fire” does not prove a damn thing, Rani. Just calm down and look at it from an unbiased viewpoint. You ask what Kangana gains from it? What does Hrithik gain from it?? Saving his image? There have been superstar married men like Aamir Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Amitabh, etc. who had affairs while they were married, what effect did that have on their image? So Hrithik is not gaining shit. What Kangana is gaining is that she is trying to strip off the charge that she stalked a man for years, something for which you would have crucified a man.

        Hrithik said in his interview that he even talked to police commissioner (who you will conveniently accuse of being paid off by Hrithik Roshan) who has advised him throughout this whole fiasco, he advised him to not go and talk to Kangana because she might come out of meeting saying that Hrithik threatened her, or apologized to her. And you know you would have believed her if she did so. World would have known that they met, but we would have never known for real what happened behind the closed doors, unless there was a hddden camera in there!

        1. Rani

          Hahahahaha !!!!! You expect me to believe that the police commissioner said not to talk to Kangana becoz she might turn around and blame Hritik for threatening her ?? Lol
          Wow !!!! Unbelievable !!! Why the hell the police commissioner didn’t sit with the two and get it sorted out ???
          Then Kangana couldn’t do what u just insinuated ???
          Lol it’s so simple isn’t it ????
          Mate your whole agenda is to portray Kangana as a mentally disturbed being just like the Roshans are doing !!!
          But facts will remain fact !!!
          Hritik had an affair with Kangana and out of guilt to save face slapped Kangana with the legal notice after her silly ex comment !!!
          Hritik needs to grow balls and man up !!!

          1. Rohit Raina

            WOW!! I’m staring at your comment in utter disbelief. So you think that anybody can just attribute such a statement to the police commissioner of Mumbai and get away with it? That too on national TV. Like a child’s play, Hrithik thought let me just lie on National TV that Police Commissioner of Mumbai advised me to do so and so, when infact he didn’t, and there will be no repercussions! Police Commissioner is probably hibernating, so he didn’t come to know that his name was being used on Republic TV. You are a priceless being, Rani.

            But I love that last line of yours even more: Somebody has a guilt over something they have done to other person, and out of that guilt, they slap a legal notice on them. Wow, this is some awesome line of argument right there. No adjectives are worthy enough for this, not even a hundred exclamations!

  11. Priyanka Pareekh

    Just rhetoric and neatly worded blogs by Kangana’s supporters. Picking the insignificant portions from Hrithik’s interview and trying to use them to suit their argument. Why don’t they take on the evidences being put out? Why doesn’t Rangoli take on the evidences put out? Like you said, why did she say to Hrithik that she used to hear Kangana going gaga over him but never saw Hrithik expressing any interest? Why isn’t she responding on thei charge through her Twitter tirade?

    1. Rani

      I watched the blabbering Hritiks version of events !! Hritik looked like a scared cat !!! Lol guilty as hell trying very hard to explain his side but ended up looking like a fool !!!
      Lol he did nothing whilst receiving this so called barrage of explicit emails for so long !!
      He kept them and only talked about it after Kangana mentioned “silly ex”
      LMAO who is he trying to fool?
      Just like Weinstein in Hollywood got exposed now after years of hiding behind clout … now the Bollywood dogs are being exposed by Kangana .
      Kangana you rock !!!! You have Bollywood shivering in their pants !!! Lol

      1. suleman khan

        I also felt the same….. very true

    2. suleman khan

      how can you believe in those evidence mam,,,,,, it can be false is that a probability up to you, please rethink mam
      find the truth dont favour that dancing fellow

      1. suleman khan

        my mistake, the upper comment was for priyanka pareekh mam

    3. suleman khan

      how can you believe in those evidence mam,,,,,, it can be false is that a probability up to you, please rethink mam
      find the truth dont favour that dancing fellow blindly

  12. Sreeram Reddy

    Rani, Hrithik has some evidences to support some of his claims. Kangana is blabbering and has no evidences, she is lying.

  13. suleman khan

    im one of her follower… dont blame us as an emotional fools

    don’t hate emotions ,,,, love them …..becz all magic lies in emotions otherwise there is none like magic
    thats what she taught me

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