6 Facts That Should Change How You’re Wearing Bras

6 Facts That Should Change How You’re Wearing Bras

Considering the fact that many women wear bras every day, there are very few conversations about how to determine the correct fit, which bras to wear with which clothing, and how to properly buy and store bras.

Whatever the reason for keeping so quiet about this vital item in your wardrobe, there are some facts you need to know.

1. Replace Your Bra Every Six Months or So

Most women don’t have as many bras as they need and the bras they do have are probably much too old. When you don’t replace your bras regularly, you could end up with cups that are too small and constricting or worn-out bands that don’t offer support for a comfortable fit.

It can be tempting to opt to continue wearing your old 30aa bras when you should actually have a size or two larger.

2. Your Bras Probably Don’t Fit Right

Wearing a bra that’s the right fit is very, very important. According to experts in lingerie, about 85 percent of women are wearing bras that don’t fit correctly. It’s sometimes tempting to opt for a 30a when 30aa bras are what you really need.

Either make an appointment for a professional fitting or take the measurements yourself. Start under your bust line and then measure around the biggest spot on your bust line. Use a bra size calculator to get your fit.

3. Underwire Bras Don’t Cause Cancer

Several years ago, this myth was shared widely among bra-wearers, but it has been broadly debunked by many professionals, scientists, and researchers.

If you like the added support that underwires provide, feel free to choose them. With that said, it’s best to avoid bras that are too small for you, because the constriction of the tight fit could negatively impact lymph nodes and blood flow.

4. Lingerie Bags Help Bras Last Longer

If you’ve invested in high-quality lingerie, it’s best to wash items by hand. However, many people don’t choose high-end items or simply have other demands on their time.

When this is the case, use a lingerie bag to keep your bras and other lingerie separate from the rest of your laundry.

5. Bras Should Be Washed At Least Once a Week

You may need to figure out a good method for tracking how often you’ve worn each bra between washings, but there are definite risks to wearing dirty bras.

For example, as the fabric of the bra collects oils and dirt from your skin, it’s possible that you’ll have trouble with acne or chafing where your bra rubs.

6. You Probably Don’t Have Enough Bras

There are many bra styles that women may have in their wardrobe in addition to everyday bras. You should have enough everyday wear bras in your drawer to wear a clean bra each day in between washing.

The key to extending the life expectancy of your bras is having enough to rotate through and maintaining a proper laundering routine.

With these facts about bras, it’s also important to keep fit, comfort, and function in mind. Remember that your body changes as years pass, so be sure to update your measurements on a regular basis.

As you learn more about proper bra fit and care, reach out to the women in your life and share what you’ve learned. It’s time for more informative conversations.

Christie Lewis
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