5 Ways to Sell Your Unwanted Business Car for Extra Money

5 Ways to Sell Your Unwanted Business Car for Extra Money

If you’re a business owner and want to renew your vehicle, consider which is the best way to get rid of your old car. Any car reaches a point when it’s not safe or practical to drive. And if it’s not fit for use, not only are you risking your life, but you could also end up incurring penalty points on your license. But if a new car is in your immediate future, you still have some business to take care of with the old one. So, here’s a list of the best 5 ways to sell your junk car for cash to make room for your new vehicle.

Selling It Yourself

If you’re planning to sell your car yourself, don’t do anything before you evaluate it. You can use resources such as What Car?, HPI or Parkers. And consider selling it privately rather than taking it to a bulk seller. You’ll usually get between 10% and 15% more if you sell it privately. Also, you could advertise your car online using car-buying sites. But make sure that you include the correct description of your vehicle and set a negotiable price. And organize viewings and test drives to prove your car’s reliability.

The Benefits of a Trade-in

You can enjoy a seamless trade-in when you hand over your car to the dealer from where you’re buying your new vehicle. But be careful about the evaluation process. If the dealer is evaluating the car, it’s likely that you’ll get a low estimate. So, try to push for third-party evaluation. And once you’ve settled on a price, negotiate it against the new car’s price including fees, taxes and financial terms.

Sell Your Car at an Auction

Although auctioning your car is a hassle-free and quick way to get rid of it, you have no guarantee that it’ll reach the price you want. So, you may have to accept a lower price or just take it home. Consider that most auction participants are motor traders. But if you’re lucky and attract private prospects, you could get a better price than expected. You can either participate in live auctions or online auctions where owners can earn a lot of cash for cars.

Sell Car Parts

If the car is in bad condition and the repairs would cost you more than the car is worth, you should consider selling its parts. But first, ask a qualified mechanic to inspect your car and advise you on which parts are viable. Search for similar parts online and set your prices. Next, search for updated and optimized online marketplaces, create an account and advertise the parts. But make sure that you check what commission is applied and what methods of payment are accepted. And some online trader asks for a low placement fee which allows users to upload different images or videos of the parts.

Simply Scrap Your Car

If you choose to scrap your car, find the best scrap metal in your area. Avoid the usual car scrapping mistakes. Sort out your documents, keep your private details safe, reclaim tax and insurance. Selling your vehicle to a car wrecker is one of the best options when your car is in very poor condition and you can’t find a buyer for it. 

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