5 Ways To Minimize Workplace Germs

5 Ways To Minimize Workplace Germs

Business is about making money. Without that happening, the operation is bound to fold. This pressure, though, may sometimes put pressure on employees and management to perform duties even when they’re under the weather.

While the persistence and dedication may seem admirable, it could be hurting your overall productivity. Those not feeling up to par tend to think less clearly and lack energy. To truly keep the office up and running, it’s best to reduce exposure levels. The following are five ways to assist in maintaining workforce health.

1. Encourage Sick Days

Employees may feel compelled to report to work despite feeling ill. This desire stems from a belief that staying home is a sign of laziness or weakness. Management should combat this mentality by reminding people to take the time to get better. One person at home is better than an entire office at home. Offer paid leave or opportunities to complete tasks at home without the loss of leave. Flexibility and compassion are important. 

2. Create Bubble Space

In preschool, kids are told to mind their bubble. The same should be true for adults. If staff stay within their own area, minding their personal space, fewer germs could spread. A good six feet of distance, for instance, could prevent someone from picking up a nasty virus. Move desks further apart, and avoid having crowded sections. If this isn’t possible, look into acrylic sneeze guards. These can be installed on edges of cubicles.

3. Run Air Purifiers

Airborne particles can move throughout the room, getting into the ventilation. It’s important that sick people cover their coughs and sneezes as much as possible. To battle the airflow issues, consider having a medical grade air purifier. These units are designed to pull out dust, allergens and microbes. While they cannot get everything, they act as an additional safeguard.

4. Supply Disinfectant Products

Purchase hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes for the company. It’s best if each desk has a set, allowing people to clean regularly throughout the day. Place these also near any common areas such the break or copy rooms. Desks and drawers can be sanitized daily. 

5. Encourage Washing

Proper hand washing is important. Post signs near sinks and in restrooms, reminding people to wash hands for at least 30 seconds using warm water and soap. 

The company’s bottom line may just be better by giving people some rest. Sick days aren’t just about letting one person heal. It’s also about shielding others from becoming ill too. 

Christie Lewis
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