5 Ways to De-Stress Before Bed That Really Work

5 Ways to De-Stress Before Bed That Really Work

When life is stressing you out, the last thing you need is the inability to fall asleep. However, when life is wearing you down, it is hard to let all your worries go the moment you slip under the covers. Feeling anxious the entire day and staying awake the whole night will just make your next day even worse than the previous one. To avoid getting caught in this vicious cycle it’s important to learn how to de-stress before bed, relax your mind and eventually get some well-deserved rest.

The key in de-stressing before bed is to create a soothing pre-bed routine. This routine will not only help you relax but also to help you to sleep better. Having a better night’s rest is vital to stay healthy, rejuvenate, be efficient in work and adequately cope with stress. So here are top 5 tips for better sleep and relaxing before bedtime.

Create a To-Do List for Tomorrow

If you are feeling anxious about all the chores and obligations waiting for you tomorrow, it should help to put everything on paper in an organized manner. Plan your day and create a list of things you want to accomplish. This will allow your mind to relax a bit until the next day.

Put Your Phone on “Do Not Disturb”

Phones can severely disturb your sleep. If you frequently receive emails from work or text messages from friends, when it’s time to sleep, put your phone on “Do Not Disturb” and just forget about it. Only when your phone stops buzzing, you will truly be able to unwind.

Do a Quick Clean Up

Doing a little cleaning before bed will help you relax. You shouldn’t do anything that requires a lot of time such as vacuuming the entire house or washing a ton of dishes. That will actually cause more stress. Instead, organize your room a bit or de-clutter your bedroom. Fold your blankets, put the clean dishes away, make sure your keys and wallet are in one spot and similar. This will help you get in bed more prepared for the next day – and hopefully more relaxed.

Sip On Some Relaxing Tea or Take a Warm Bath

The best nighttime ritual involves taking a hot bath or drinking a warm and soothing cup of tea. If you prefer, you could take a hot shower instead. Warming yourself up will help you relax and release the physical stress from the body. Using scented fragrances will also promote relaxation.  

Stick With Your Routine

Everyone’s pre-bed routine is different, and you have to keep trying different things until you figure out what works best. Once you figured out your perfect bedtime routine, you have to stick with it. Practicing the same routine in the exact same order will mentally prepare you for bed, and over time trigger your mind to relax. Once you sleep train yourself, you won’t have any troubles forgetting the day, relaxing and actually having a great and undisturbed night of sleep.

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