5 Ways Art Improves Quality of Life

5 Ways Art Improves Quality of Life

Art is something everyone should enjoy, no matter whether you prefer to be the creator or a simple admirer. Science confirms that art appreciation promotes quality of life and makes us feel better. Here are 5 ways how art improves your quality of life and makes you happier.

Admiring Art is Like Falling in Love

5 Ways Art Improves Quality of Life

Studies specifically suggest that admiring a piece of art is very similar to falling in love. The same part of the brain that triggers desire and affection that we have when we fall romantically for someone is stimulated when you look at art. Art also has the power to heal emotional trauma, helps us grow and enhance self-development.  So, if you are looking for a way to de-stress, express yourself or improve creative thinking, visit a local art gallery and contemplate some amazing artwork. Here is how art enhances the quality of life.

Art Helps You Heal

Although visual expression has been used for healing for centuries, art therapy only recently emerged as a profession. In the last two decades, art therapy has been used to promote personal growth, self-expression, transformation, and wellness. Nowadays, art therapy is a recognized form of treatment in psychology. Art therapy is mostly used to reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Talent is not the critical element in this form of treatment, but rather honesty and willingness to confront your feelings.

Art Teaches You about Beauty

5 Ways Art Improves Quality of Life

Art helps you learn what is beautiful and attractive. Over time, you develop your taste, and simply know what you desire and what makes you happy. By collecting images or small objects that interest you, you will learn what pleases you the most. Each collection you have is a way to get to know your own personal aesthetic. It could be your collection of clothes, books, jewelry and similar. Once you identify your sources of pleasure, you should surround yourself with things that make your smile and happy. Having sources of inspiration in your home will make your life more pleasurable and enjoying.

Art Makes You Healthier

Scientific research shows that creating or observing art releases powerful does of dopamine into the brain. Further studies have shown that people who appreciate art enjoy better general health, have more energy, tend to be less anxious and depressed, and are overall happier than people who don’t have interest in art. The results of multiple studies show that art can have long-term changes in the brain that help the person recover faster both physically and mentally. So science basically confirmed what all art lovers already subconsciously knew – art improves quality of life and makes you feel good.

Art Takes You on a Journey of Self Discovery

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Creating or simply observing art is an intense and personal experience. The language of art expressed through colors, lines, and shapes can sometimes speak to us more than words ever could.  Whether you experience the arts as a creator or as an art lover, this is a way to reach deep inside your soul and connect with your inner self. If you are currently struggling in life, art can help you understand yourself, your thoughts, feelings, and perceptions.

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