5 Toys for Kids That Can Help Mold Your Child

5 Toys for Kids That Can Help Mold Your Child

As parents, we throw in a lot of money on toys for our kids’ entertainment. A study by Liam O’Connell shows that the United States alone retailed close to 20.91 billion dollars throughout 2019. However, not all toys help children. This article will showcase five gadgets/toys for kids that can help you mold your child in different ways.

1. Kids Digital Camera

There are a lot of activities that can be done using a kid’s digital camera that can help mold your child. A few enjoyable activities with the kid’s digital camera may include-

Spotting the color, a game where you ask your child to capture specific objects using their kid’s camera that are of a particular color; 

Find the alphabet, a game where you assign your child a particular alphabet, and they will need to capture objects using their kid’s camera that starts with the mentioned alphabet; 

Spell your name, a game where your child will capture objects using their kid’s camera and try to spell their name using the first letters of the object.

The best toddler camera in the market is Kiditos toddler camera by Emass Toys. Kiditos toddler camera comes with both photographing and videography options. Children’s cameras help your child to express themselves using pictures. Pictures from the children’s camera help you as a parent to see the world from the perspective of your child. Gifting your child, a children’s camera is a great way to introduce your child to the world of photography, which could translate into a career for your child.

2. Punching Bag

Having kids punching back is an excellent way for your kids to exercise their entire body. Working out on a punching bag helps your kid to develop mind and body coordination. It is a practical skill that can be applied to many different aspects of their life. Higher brain and body coordination will serve as an excellent foundation for developing other physical skills such as dribbling a football/basketball, handling a racquet in different sports, and overall balance. Boxing can also develop into an excellent way for your child to relive their mental stress, and it is good for your child to have an outlet to release their negative energy. In the long run, boxing can also be used as a form of self-defense. Many parents are hesitant to let their child box due to misconceived perceptions boxing will make their child violent, but that is untrue. Boxing makes your child be more in control of their emotions and actions.

3. Kids Golf Set

Similar to the electronic shooting target, the kid’s golf set is a great way to train the depth perception and accuracy of your child. Golf is a fun sport that revolves around developing hand-eye coordination to plot the ball into the hole. Playing golf can help your child improve their focus, concentration, coordination, all of which are skills that can be applied to other aspects of their life.

4. Kids Electronic Piano

Kids’ electronics piano is a great way to introduce your child to the world of music. An electronic keyboard comes with various options other than just the classical piano sounds. Letting your child play with the electronic piano can be a great way to teach your child music theory and introduce them to other instruments. Music is an excellent outlet for your child’s imagination. Music can also serve as the perfect platform for your child to express themselves.

5. Electronic Shooting Target

The electronic shooting target is a great way to mold the accuracy of your child. By letting your child play with the electronic shooting target, their understanding of depth, and distance expands. Playing with the electronic shooting target can also be a gateway to other sports involving accuracy such as archery, Olympic shooting, and so on. It requires a deep level of focus and concentration to shoot a target accurately, and this skill can be various aspects of life. Learning how to focus and concentrate can help learn different skills quickly.

Things To Keep In Mind

A common mistake with most parents is pushing their children to do activities which they do not like. Not only does this reduce their interest in learning that specific activity, but it also affects their ability to grow. Be sure to let your child indulge in activities that they have fun doing and not something driven by your desires. Another mistake that many parents make is not being part of the child’s activity. If you are present as the parent, your child will feel safer and more confident to try. Be sure to join your child as they explore the world and create memories and strengthen your bonds.

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